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Lawn & Garden
There are many different options available to homeowners who are interested in making easy DIY landscaping improvements with garden stones. Choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures and materials to create the look, feel, pattern and design that will best complement your garden and home. There are also many different ideas on...
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When it comes to creating a beautiful landscaping or gardening project, there are a lot of options for homeowners who are looking to add hardscaping or ground cover to the area to create a unique look and feel with a decorative touch. One of the best options is decorative landscape stone, which can be used...
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Once the go-to material of landscapers in the 1970s, the use of decorative stone in Providence and throughout the northeastern states sort of fell out of popularity over time. However, stone ground cover is quickly becoming a “green” and sustainable landscaping alternative to having a grass lawn and it is being used across the country...
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When it comes to finding unique ways to add color, texture and a bit of personality to your garden, patio or other outdoor living space, many homeowners turn to flowers and plants. However, in a northeastern garden, where we enjoy all four seasons to their fullest, it can be advantageous to have some permanent garden...
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One of the easiest ways to add color and texture to your residential or commercial landscaping scheme is to use ground cover landscaping rocks and other types of decorative stone. Rocks are a natural part of any landscape and they can really enhance the look and feel of your property. However, we have all see...
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Many homeowners and property owners choose to use mulch in their landscaping because it offers many distinct benefits. Mulch is first and foremost very beneficial to your soil and your plants. When used properly, mulch can reduce the amount of water that is lost through evaporation, covering and shielding the soil from the drying rays...
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There are a lot of reasons why people mulch. And, contrary to popular gardening belief, there are also specific times of year that homeowners in the northeastern states mulch. This article will give you some professional tips that you can use to improve your gardening and landscaping results through the proper use of mulch. We...
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Homeowners that do any amount of gardening in the South Coast region, are very likely quite familiar with mulch and its benefits. However, there are many misconceptions about mulch, the quality of the mulch that is available locally, and what you are actually getting when you purchase mulch from a “big box” home improvement store....
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Have you ever heard of Fibar playground mulch? If you are looking for mulch in Rhode Island or in the Seekonk, Massachusetts area, to use in an space where children or pets play, you will definitely want to take a look at Fibar mulch. If safety, purity and access for handicapped or wheelchair bound individuals...
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For those unfamiliar with the term “loam” or “loamy” in reference to landscaping or soil, this article should be quite informative. Loam is a term that describes a special type of soil that has been formulated to contain a mixture of sand, silt and clay. Sandy loam soil is a very desirable medium that is...
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