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Landscaping With Rocks: Using Decorative Stone in Fall River

J&J Materials > Decorative Stones > Landscaping With Rocks: Using Decorative Stone in Fall River

landscaping-with-rocksOne of the easiest ways to add color and texture to your residential or commercial landscaping scheme is to use ground cover landscaping rocks and other types of decorative stone. Rocks are a natural part of any landscape and they can really enhance the look and feel of your property. However, we have all see properties where landscaping with rocks was over-done or installed in a way that made it unappealing. This article will provide you with some ideas for natural rock placement with commercial or residential river rock landscaping and show you some new methods for using decorative stone in Fall River.

Ground Cover
One way to use decorative stone is to treat it as ground cover. Instead of using bark mulch in your garden, pathways or in other places that need filler, consider using ground cover landscaping rocks. Considered in-organic, because the material won’t break down and decompose like organic materials, you can choose from a variety of colors, sizes, textures and shapes. Choose a light sand-colored pebble style filler around your flagstone path or use a colorful, larger stone to line your garden or fill in space around tree trunks.

There are many benefits to using decorative stone in Fall River for ground cover:

  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL – The area that you fully cover when you are landscaping with rocks will absorb the heat from the sun during the day and then release the heat into the soil in the evening, helping to stabilize the temperature in your yard. This can be beneficial for trees, shrubs and even flowers that are in the immediate area of your ground cover landscaping rocks.
  • MOISTURE CONTROL – When you use residential river rock landscaping as part of your overall garden design, the rocks will also work to stabilize the moisture level in the ground near your plants, allowing for a slower evaporation and reducing your need to water.
  • LOWER WATER BILLS – Replace lawn areas by landscaping with rocks wherever possible to reduce the amount of water that you have to use on your lawn to keep your yard looking beautiful. Not only will your water bill decrease, but your use of valuable water supplies will go down as well, helping to conserve our local natural resources.

Natural Rock Accents
Another way that homeowners are using decorative stone in Fall River is to use large rocks as natural elements or accents in with the landscaping. Medium sized rocks, between six and ten inches in width, can be placed near each other, but not so close that they are touching. Leave a little bit of space between the stones and consider planting bushes, ornamental grasses and other elements in between them. Larger rocks, anything bigger than a foot in width, should be used as cornerstones or to highlight or accentuate a specific part of your property, such as a corner, edge, space near or in the middle of a floral garden – anywhere you want to draw the eye and attract attention.

Tips for choosing materials for residential river rock landscaping applications include:

  • TAKE IT ALL IN – Step back and look at your garden or the area that you want to do landscaping with rocks and really look at the area as you make your plans. Try to see it from an artistic point of view, imagining colors that come from ground cover landscaping rocks, larger accent rocks and of course all of the plants, flowers and shrubbery that you will be including.
  • PICK A THEME – The theme that you choose will depend on your own taste, the type of home that you own and, of course, your budget. Choose from a formal theme with an elegant, well-manicured layout or a more casual, natural landscape that is set about at random around your property.
  • CHOOSE A TYPE OF ROCK – Visit J&J Materials, the leading masonry and landscaping supply company in Southeastern Massachusetts, and take a look at all of the different sizes, types, colors, textures and shapes or gravel, rock, stone and river rock available in your area. Choose colors and styles that match with your decor or choose something that will stand out and attract attention.

Questions to Ask When Landscaping With Rocks
Before you visit J&J Materials to purchase your ground cover landscaping rocks or natural accent stone, you need to stop and ask yourself a couple of questions. The more you know about what you want, how much you will need and where you will be using ground cover landscaping rocks, the easier it will be to pick out the best possible residential river rock for landscaping available.

The first thing to consider is the type of rocks that you will need. Do you want smaller, gravel or pebble sized ground cover? Or do you want something a little larger when you are using decorative stone in Fall River? Do you want big rocks that will attract attention or a bunch of smaller rocks that will add color and texture to your existing garden? What color of rock would look best near your home and how much decorative stone will you need to cover the area where you want to use it? Once you answer these questions and jot down some notes, it’s time to go shipping for ground cover landscaping rocks.

Where to Get Quality Natural Stone in the Fall River Area?
The best place to go if you are landscaping with rocks, is J&J Materials. With two locations, one up in the Seekonk area and another out near the Cape, you will be able to find all of the residential river rock landscaping materials you need to get the look, feel and function that you want with ground cover landscaping rocks. J&J Materials has a wide delivery range as well, helping homeowners that are using decorative stone in Fall River and anywhere else in the South Coast region. Stop by our stoneyard or give us a call to find out more about all of the products and materials available for hardscaping and landscaping at J&J Materials.

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