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One of the most important elements in front yard landscaping ideas is the walkway. Creating a beautiful walkway will invite visitors to come into your home and sets the tone for the rest of your landscape and interior design. It is important to think about what type of design will improve Massachusetts curb appeal the...
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Back in the day, homeowners would just open the back door and let their dogs run around on the grass, sand, gravel or whatever substrate dominated the back property of the home. Today, homeowners are looking for ways to have the beautiful outdoor living space they desire, while providing pet friendly landscaping ideas that their...
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When it comes to planting a beautiful, lush and green lawn in the New England area, there are a few types of seed that homeowners should consider above all others. There are just three major types of grass seed that are used successfully in the northeast. Kentucky Bluegrass seed is very popular and is hardy...
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Early Spring (February – April) Lawns come out of the winter starving and need that early spring fertilizing to help strengthen the root system and get it off to an early start as the season kicks in.  If you want to prevent crabgrass, the first step should be a combination fertilizer/crabgrass pre-emergent control.  This step...
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When it comes to front yard landscaping, the debate often falls to fertilizer and grass seed. Beyond that, however, is concerns from many homeowners on how to use fertilizer and what is the best grass seed for Massachusetts. This article will focus on the different types of grass seed most commonly used for Westport lawn...
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Of all the materials available for use in residential landscaping, natural stone is one of the most versatile and durable. The money that you will invest into purchasing natural boulder materials and decorative stone for your Middleboro landscaping ideas is a good investment, bringing you many years of use and beauty. In addition to being...
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When most people think about sustainable landscaping, they either picture a desert landscape in Arizona or a front yard just covered in rocks and nothing else. If the goal is to save water and energy, how much can you really do? The truth is that there are lots of amazing front yard landscaping ideas that...
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It seems as if everyone is looking for landscaping tips this time of year. Who wouldn’t want to learn the inside tricks on how to create a beautiful grass lawn? The truth is, tips for growing grass in Massachusetts are different from tips that you will find for growing grass in the mid-west or up...
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When it comes to landscaping in New England, it pays to know what type of soil you have, especially if you need to overcome issues such as lawn drainage problems or have a problem getting plants, trees and grass to grow. For example, homeowners in Bourne, Massachusetts have a soil that varies greatly throughout the...
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What makes a Rhode Island lawn different from any other type of lawn? The difference is more regional than local, with New England lawns being different from landscaping found anywhere else in the country. From the type of seasonal weather we receive in this area each year to the type of grasses, trees and plants...
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