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Great Ideas for Using Garden Stones in Rehoboth Landscaping

J&J Materials > Decorative Stones > Great Ideas for Using Garden Stones in Rehoboth Landscaping

garden-stones-rehobothThere are many different options available to homeowners who are interested in making easy DIY landscaping improvements with garden stones. Choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures and materials to create the look, feel, pattern and design that will best complement your garden and home. There are also many different ideas on where to place garden stones on your property for the best effect. Before you go shopping for garden stones at the nearby J&J Materials, make sure to decide where, how and the best places to use garden stones on your property so you’ll know what kind to get – and how many.

Shapes & Sizes
There are a lot of different shapes and sizes available in garden stones. When using garden stones in Rehoboth for your front, side or backyard property, choose the shape that will work best for the project you are creating. For example, round garden stones will work beautifully as stepping stones along side of a rock garden or to create a safe access to a hose or spigot. Square or rectangle shaped garden stones can make a quick patio or pathway lined up next to each other, flush and in a row.

Different sizes are available too. Choose from a standard one-foot-by-one-foot square, eighteen-inch squares or a variety of other sizes. Once you figure out where to place garden stones on your property, it will be easy to decide what size you will need to fill in the space that you desire. Garden stones are lighter than they appear, making them easy DIY landscaping improvements that can be done in a single day or over a weekend. Installation is simple as well, allowing them to be installed by the homeowner without requiring a lot of tools or experience.

Best Places to Use Garden Stones
There are a lot of different ways to use garden stones for residential and commercial property owners. You can make an area stand out and have more definition, just by placing a few garden stones around the base of a tree, around a shrub or near a fountain. Choose from a variety of different colors and styles to really make your landscaping stand out from the background of greenery.

  • Patios – Creating a patio is simple when you are using garden stones in Rehoboth. You can choose to excavate the area, smooth it out and place the stones on top of a bed of sand and work some loose sand or gravel in between the garden stones. You can also choose where to place garden stones to make a patio right on top of existing grass, giving it an elegant and green “grout” of grass in between each garden stone. Create a pattern using different shapes, sizes and colors of garden stones.
  • Paths – Create winding or specific paths in your backyard, taking you from your back door to a seating area, bird watching spot or other relaxing location. One of the best places to use garden stones as a pathway is from a garage to a driveway or from a side door to a shed. Think about the paths that you take naturally and use these easy DIY landscaping improvements with garden stones to make it look well-planned and intentional.
  • Stepping Stones – Different from a path, stepping stones can be used to create a meandering step-by-step walkway that will take you to a specific area of your property. Common uses for stepping stones are to create an easy mud-free path from a sidewalk to a hose box or irrigation box, a simple path to water hard-to-reach flowers, bushes or other plants, and a very basic walkway to get to a mailbox, bird feeder or other functional item on your property.
  • Edging – It may seem as though edging is a strange place where to place garden stones, but they make an excellent material to use to line your flower beds. Using garden stones in Rehoboth to add definition between a flower bed and a grassy area, or a driveway and a mulched area, can really be a beautiful addition. This is just one of the very simple and easy DIY landscaping improvements that can be done in a single day.

Where to Find Garden Stones in Rehoboth
If you have some ideas for the best places to use garden stones on your property, look no further than J&J Materials for all of your hardscaping and landscaping supplies. Choose from a rustic-looking splash block that can be used as a gutter base, scallop shell and seashell garden stones that have the look and feel of the ocean, as well as hexagon patio shaped garden stones that can be used in a number of unique applications. If you aren’t sure what type of garden stones would be best for your landscaping project, speak with one of the sales staff at J&J Materials. They can help you pick the best materials and even share some tips on where to place garden stones for the maximum effect.

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