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Pawtucket Patios: Try Stone Garden Decorations & Accessories

J&J Materials > Decorative Stones > Pawtucket Patios: Try Stone Garden Decorations & Accessories

pawtucket-patiosWhen it comes to finding unique ways to add color, texture and a bit of personality to your garden, patio or other outdoor living space, many homeowners turn to flowers and plants. However, in a northeastern garden, where we enjoy all four seasons to their fullest, it can be advantageous to have some permanent garden accessories and stone garden decorations that can be enjoyed year-round. Thinking beyond flowers, features and furniture, when you are considering how to decorate a patio that will keep looking great for many years to come without requiring a lot of maintenance, is a great way to ensure that your landscaping and outdoor living areas look great no matter what time of year it is.

Stone Garden Furniture
One of the nicest features that you can add to a garden, pathway or outdoor living space is a resting space to sit and enjoy the flowers, landscaping, butterflies and birds. Two of the more popular stone garden decorations available through J&J Materials are the granite benches and the natural boulder benches.

  • GRANITE – We stock our granite benches in straight, kidney and serpentine shapes, giving our customers a couple of choices to provide a unique look and feel to their garden. All of the granite materials used for these garden accessories are a standard black and white color, which we refer to as salt and pepper. They also have a smooth thermal finished top surface. Our granite benches are sold with the legs, unlike some other suppliers that sell each piece separately.
  • BOULDER – A natural touch for your Pawtucket outdoor living space, our boulder benches are curved and the seat is made from a polished natural granite. These benches can be used in a garden, on a patio, near a front door or as a beautiful seating solution around a table. The curved shape allows them to fit beautiful around a round table, tree or at the crook of a curved walkway. Our boulder benches are a great way to use garden accessories, measuring 46 inches long by 16 inches wide and 18 inches high, weighing in at approximately 500 pounds.

Garden Accessories
Don’t forget to consider additional garden accessories, such as cushions for chairs, couches and benches, pillows for relaxing and throw blankets for cool summer nights. Your accessories should include a variety of colors and textures. Include plants that will look great regardless of the season and integrate plastic blooms in with actual greenery for a colorful touch, even when the blooming season is over. Think about accessories that would make your life easier, such as rolling carts for serving drinks, cupboards for storing plates and glasses, artwork, candles, lighting – anything that you and your guests would enjoy having around you when entertaining outside in your Pawtucket outdoor living space.

Stone Garden Decorations
In addition to functional accessories, such as benches, blankets and carts, there are other more decorative items that you can use when you consider how to decorate a patio. Garden stones make fantastic stone garden decorations and come in a variety of types and styles. Here are some examples of garden stones available at J&J Materials:

  • Hexagon – Garden stones in a hexagon or honeycomb style design, these garden accessories can be used to edge a patio as pavers or as stepping stones set inside of a gravel or mulch bed pathway, however they can also be used as decorative pieces inside of your flower or vegetable garden. Made from Rivenstone products, these garden stones have a custom, beautiful look and feel.
  • Scallop/Shell – One of the more popular options, especially for homeowners near the water, our scallop and seashell shaped garden stones come in a natural white color, which brings a classic touch to any garden or landscaped area.
  • Splash – This type of block can be used to beautiful your gutter’s downspout to push water away from your home and patio living space. A great looking tool to use anywhere in the New England area.
  • Stair Treads – In addition to using these stone garden decorations to make steps or stairs, stair trends can be used in lots of different ways, including as large stepping stones or to create a unique entertaining area. Made with a natural bluestone finish, these stone garden decorations really help your Pawtucket outdoor living space pop!

Even More Garden Accessories
J&J Materials also carries a wide variety of stone garden decorations that can enhance any garden setting and act as a focal point or showcase within a landscaped area. Choose from our boulder owl, a one-of-a-kind carved stone own made from a natural boulder, or our boulder tortoise, a hand-carved green granite tortoise that is approximately 12 inches in height. We also carry stone mushrooms that come in three sizes: 7 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches.

Bird baths, light posts, natural boulder granite lanterns, directional posts, boulder basins and much more are also available at J&J Materials. Give us a call and speak with one of our friendly customer service agents about all of the Pawtucket outdoor living garden accessories and stone garden decorations that you can use when you learn how to decorate a patio for your Pawtucket outdoor living experience.

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