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Custom Fabrication

J & J offers fabrication services such as:


This process is used to soften the edges of the pavers, giving them a less blunt look. If the pavers you have selected are square or rectangular and you are trying to create a softer look, you may want to have the pavers “bullnosed.” It usually is used on bluestone, granite, or limestone.

Radius Cuts:

This is another method used to make cuts to a square or rectangular paver in order to achieve a curved edge.  Radius Cuts are cuts made to stone where the pattern requires a round/circular cut.  For example, a stone cap that is being used on the top of a round hot tub would need such a cut in order to fit correctly.

Rock Facing:

Rock Facing is the process of taking a chisel and hammer and chipping the front edge off the stone, first going along the top edge and then flipping the stone over and chipping off the bottom front edge.  The end result is a “rocked” or chiseled edge. Adding siding to the exterior of your home is one of the biggest improvements you can make to its appearance. Rock facing is one style of siding that adds a dramatic touch. You may elect to face the entire structure or add rock as an accent to a few areas.

Straight Cuts:

Depending on the design of your walkway or patio, you may need to cut some of the pavers to make a straight edge. For example, if you have a piece of stone that is 24” wide and you need it cut to 22” wide you would need a straight cut along the edge to remove 2”s.  Instruments such as a hammer and chisel, wet saw or an angle grinder are used to cut pavers. While a hammer and chisel are likely the least expensive investments, it is often preferable to have these cuts made professionally so that you’ll achieve a nice, straight cut.


This process refers to applying a heat-treated finish to pavers in order to create a more uniform surface. This creates a less slippery surface, which may be preferable if using pavers for a patio or walkway, for safety reasons.  More often than not, this is done to create a more uniform finish. The process is to first heavily wet the stone, then using a torch, run the flame along the edge you would like treated.  The heat will cause the stone to “pop” off the sawn edge leaving a knurled finish behind.

Do you have a project that requires stone with a special cut or look?

J & J Materials custom cuts stone in pieces up to 48″ x 96″ in size. We stock bluestone in 1.5″, 2″, 3″, 4″ and 6″ thicknesses. In addition, we stock limestone and granite in 2″ thicknesses. We also have the capability to rock face half or full bull nose any piece up to a 2″ thickness to give it a special finished edge.


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