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Top Reasons to Use Fibar Playground Mulch in Rhode Island

J&J Materials > Lawn & Garden > Top Reasons to Use Fibar Playground Mulch in Rhode Island

fibar-playground-mulchHave you ever heard of Fibar playground mulch? If you are looking for mulch in Rhode Island or in the Seekonk, Massachusetts area, to use in an space where children or pets play, you will definitely want to take a look at Fibar mulch. If safety, purity and access for handicapped or wheelchair bound individuals is a concern, then Fibar mulch might be just what you need.

Compared to other types of natural mulch, such as pine or hemlock mulch, Fibar playground mulch is not a true “mulch”. It is, in fact, an engineered wood fiber that is made from virgin wood that has never been used for anything else. It meets all of the requirements for safety, purity and wheelchair access and has been tested and certified for this use.

Here are some of the top reasons why more homeowners, schools and municipalities are choosing to use Fibar playground mulch over other types of groundcover materials:

  1. Affordability – Compared to some of the other products specifically made for playground use, Fibar Playground mulch is much more affordable and cost-effective. It comes with a 25-year warranty, unlike other mulches that need to be changed or replaced every couple of years.
  2. Trusted Supplier – Did you know that Fibar mulch is currently being used at over 50,000 playgrounds all across the country? That is more than any other company that provides similar substrates specifically with children in-mind.
  3. Complete Package – The FibarSystem 300 product is patented and includes everything you need in one complete package, including the engineered wood fiber, built-in drainage and geotextile soil separators.
  4. No More Flooding – The built-in drainage feature of the FibarSystem 300 product gets rid of excess rainwater that would wipe out or damage other playground surfaces and require extensive repairs. Two kinds of drainage are included to allow water to pass right through and let kids keep playing.
  5. Eliminates Extra Costs – A typical 2,000 square foot playground would require 26 tons of drainage gravel, 4,000 square feet of geotextile fabric and about 30 feet of perforated PVC pipes in order to create a basic drainage system. Fibar playground mulch provides more protection with less material and installation costs.
  6. ADA Compliant – Compared to other types of mulch in Rhode Island, Fibar playground mulch is ADA compliant, meaning that it stands up to the strict standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act for physically challenged children and adults.
  7. Green Material – Did you know that the FibarSystem 300 comes with LEED documentation for parks, schools and property owners that are working toward earning a LEED certification?
  8. Safe & Trusted – The FibarSystem 300 makes it easy for property owners to install and the product itself is soft enough to provide cushion for children when they fall, yet firm enough to help wheelchairs to navigate effectively. The 25-year warranty shows just how much the company stands behind its product.

How Much Mulch Do I Need?
At J&J Materials, all of our mulch from hemlock mulch to Fibar mulch for playgrounds and backyard play areas is sold by the cubic yard. The best way to figure out how much mulch you will need for a specific project is to take the following steps:

  • Step One – Measure the size of the area that you want to cover in square feet. Multiply the length of the space by the width.
  • Step Two – Figure out how deep the mulch needs to be in inches. Usually just a couple of inches will be sufficient, but check with the manufacturers’ instructions for specialty mulch in Rhode Island, such as Fibar playground mulch.
  • Step Three – Multiply the size of the area in square feet from Step One with the depth of the mulch in inches from Step Two. The divide the number that you get by 324. The answer is the number of cubic yards of mulch that you will need to get in order to properly cover your area.

Where to Purchase Fibar Mulch in the South Coast Region
If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about Fibar playground mulch in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, look no further than J&J Materials. In addition to supplying homeowners, commercial property owners and municipalities with top quality one hundred percent aged pine and hemlock mulch, J&J Materials is also an authorized dealer of Fibar playground mulch.

You can purchase Fibar mulch in Seekonk or in Bourne at one of our two locations and we feature delivery service options to the entire South Coast region including all of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. All of our mulch is available for home delivery or pick-up. Just follow the manufacturers’ instructions for installation or ask us about a referral for a professional contractor who can help you install Fibar mulch safely and effectively.

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