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Quality Thin Stone Veneer: How to Choose the Best Materials

J&J Materials > Hardscape Projects > Quality Thin Stone Veneer: How to Choose the Best Materials

quality-thin-stone-veneerWhile you can purchase manufactured veneer, your project will look and function much better if you invest in quality stone veneer made from real natural stone or brick materials. Natural thin stone veneer installs just as easily as man-made products and is much more cost-effective than using full-thickness stone materials around fireplaces, pillars, backsplashes, outdoor kitchens and hundreds of other interior and exterior applications.

What is Natural Thin Stone Veneer?
Unlike man-made products, natural thin stone veneer is actually made from real natural stone that has been sawn and split to a desired thickness. The typical size used for quality stone veneer is approximately one inch thick. It can be used as a wall covering both indoors and outdoors, however it has really taken off in popularity for outdoor living spaces. The interior and exterior stone veneer that is available at J&J Materials is made from natural stones that are native to the northeastern states.

Natural thin stone veneer is sold under many different names. You will also hear it called different things by different landscaping or hardscaping design specialists and installers, so it is important to know the “lingo” so you’ll know what you are getting. Some of the most common names used include: stone cladding, stone facade, stone facing, stone lining, stone overlay, stone sheeting, stone siding, stone veneer, stone wrapping, thin stone veneer, natural thin stone veneer, real stone veneer and thin brick veneer.

Some examples of the natural thin stone veneer materials we carry include:

  • NORTHEAST THINSTONE – The quality stone veneer available from NorthEast Thinstone is available in a wide array of styles and colors. Made from 100 percent natural stone product, these materials look great and will last a lifetime. They can be used for interior walls, fireplaces, exterior walls and can be easily added to existing brick or concrete.
  • CONNECTICUT STONE THINSTONE – This extremely versatile product can add instant value to your home both indoors and outdoors. It is a natural stone product and is available in a variety of types, colors and styles to suit the design of any project.
  • REALSTONE VENEER – This natural stone materials is sorted and cut into a thickness that is consistently less than two inches, allowing it to be installed just about anywhere at a reduced cost. RealStone Veneer provides the look, feel and function of natural stone that man-made products just can’t duplicate.
  • DIAZ THIN NATURAL STONE VENEER – These products are made from fieldstones, colonials and tumbled materials that have been sawn 1-1.25 inches off face. Corner stones are also available. Each of these natural stone products has its own natural beauty, color and texture.

How and Where is Natural Thin Stone Veneer Used?
There are many different ways that you can use quality stone veneer to your advantage. It can be used indoors and it can be used outdoors. It can be used to add protective function to a project or beautiful aesthetics. It can also be used to add texture or to add a touch of color to an otherwise bland home decor. The uses and possibilities of interior and exterior stone veneer are endless.

Here are some of the most common ways that natural stone and thin brick veneer are used:


Why Should You Use Natural Thin Stone Veneer?
Some of the advantages associated with using quality stone veneer for your interior or exterior home improvement or commercial project include having the ability to incorporate the look and feel of natural stone without it effecting the structural requirements of the building. The thin brick veneer and natural stone materials weight a fifth of full-thickness natural stone products, making it easy to use anywhere without having to reconfigure the entire project in order to support the additional weight. You will commonly see exterior stone veneer used on fireplaces, concrete foundations or to renovate siding on a structure.

Here are some other benefits and advantages associated with using quality stone veneer:

  • COST EFFECTIVE – About the same price per square foot as manufactured or man-made stone and veneer products.
  • EASY TO USE – Pre-cut corners provide the appearance of full-thickness natural stone products without all the extra added weight.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Installs just as easily as man-made manufactured stone.
  • FLEXIBLE – Comes in a variety of colors, grains, textures, types of stone or brick, various face options to create patterns and styles, etc.
  • MANY USES – Can be installed indoors or outdoors, on top of wood structures, stucco, drywall, concrete blocks and even over top of brick.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighs less than 14 pounds per square foot, allowing it to be used without a load bearing support in most situations.

What is Thin Brick Veneer?
Another option for homeowners and property owners that we touched on but didn’t really go over is thin brick veneer. This product looks and feels exactly like brick materials, but is a lighter weight version, sliced thin – just like natural thin stone veneer. It can be applied indoors and outdoors, for outdoor kitchens, outdoor living spaces, hardscaping, landscaping, exterior design, interior design, kitchen backsplashes, indoor fireplaces or anything else you can imagine.

Typically made from a combination of cement, clay and gravel, thin brick veneer is also sometimes referred to as faux brick or just plain brick veneer. Thin brick veneer can be purchased in boxes of flats and corners to add a traditional, great-looking, natural brick look to any home or professional project. Ask about our Vee Brick, Vee Brick Tiles and KF Brick, which all come in a variety of colors, all of which are suited for interior and exterior use.

Where to Get Quality Stone Veneer in Pawtucket
When it comes to any home improvement project, one of the most important tasks is to find the best materials for the job. Whether you are looking to create a fireplace for your outdoor kitchen and need exterior stone veneer, or if you want to update your kitchen backsplash with a thin brick veneer, making sure you get quality materials should be a big priority. The place where you purchase your natural thin stone veneer matters. In the South Coast region, more homeowners and property owners turn to J&J Materials for all of their landscaping, hardscaping and masonry needs.

J&J Materials offers delivery services to customers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including commercial clients and homeowners in Pawtucket, Providence and all throughout the region. Stop by one of our locations in Seekonk or Bourne to take a look at all of our natural thin stone veneer and thin brick veneer products, as well as our full line of pavers, bricks, cobblestones, decorative stone, gravel and a wide variety of top quality materials.

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