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Cape Cod Outdoor Living Ideas: Thin Veneer Brick Materials

J&J Materials > Hardscape Projects > Cape Cod Outdoor Living Ideas: Thin Veneer Brick Materials

thin-veneer-brickOne of the most iconic looks that people think of all across the country when they think about Cape Cod or New England style exterior and interior decor is natural stone or brick. When many locals think about completing a regional outdoor living project, such as a New Bedford patio, a Westport barbecue, a Fall River driveway or Bourne backyard makeovers, they also think about incorporating natural stone or brick into their hardscaping plans.

The unfortunate aspect of stone or brick is the weight that it can add to a project. With regard to patios, walkways and driveways, which require a heavy-duty foundation in order to stand up to vehicles, frequent use and weighty patio furniture, actual stone blocks or brick will do. But when it comes to adding brick to walls in order to complete the Cape Cod outdoor living look and feel, the weight of that brick can sometimes be a deal breaker. That is when a creative option, such as thin veneer brick materials, can be a huge advantage.

What are Thin Veneer Brick Materials?
Thin veneer brick materials are simply quality brick that has been expertly sliced thin, providing homeowners with the natural texture, color and benefits of using brick, without all of the weight and work required to install it. They are used both indoors and outdoors to give the appearance of traditional brick at a much more affordable cost and with a lower impact to the structure of the building, as well as to the environment. Sometimes called “thin brick” or “brick veneer,” this material is typically much more cost-effective in the total cost for the materials themselves, as well as in the cost and time required to install them.

Other names used to describe thin veneer brick materials include “faux brick,” “veneer brick,” and “fake brick,” however the brick itself is not fake. Thin veneer brick materials are considered to be a more sustainable and earth-friendly option that full-thickness brick or even natural stone. Compared to other types of materials typically used on the exterior of a home, such as wood, metal or vinyl siding, think veneer brick materials are more durable and aesthetically-pleasing, making them a very popular choice among homeowners right here in Southeastern Massachusetts and across the country.

Reasons why thin veneer brick materials out-perform other exterior materials include:

  • less maintenance required
  • more durable and longer lasting
  • affordable, less costly than other materials
  • metal siding is prone to dents and fading
  • wood siding requires painting and is susceptible to rot, insects, warping and splitting
  • vinyl siding is likely to be punctured and is more costly

How to Install Thin Veneer Brick Materials
If you are looking to enhance your Cape Cod outdoor living with an outdoor brick fireplace, cooking area, bar or other similar type of Bourne backyard makeovers, you will be relieved to know that installing thin veneer brick materials is much easier than installing actual brick. As this materials becomes more and more common, the methods used to install it have become more user-friendly. For example, one of the earliest methods included an anchor system, which required angle brackets or brick ties to anchor the veneer wall to the framing of the structure. Now, most installers will simply use a thin layer of mortar to install the thin veneer brick materials or thin veneer natural stone to the structure without the use of brick ties or anchors.

The lighter weight of the thin veneer brick materials is excellent for creating a facade on a cement fireplace, barbecue, bar or other hardscaping project, giving it the look and feel of traditional brick, without all the weight, cost and work required to actually build it out of brick. Because thin veneer brick materials are lighter in weight, the cannot be used as a load bearing wall material and, unlike actual brick, will not improve the structural integrity of a building. They can be installed as an after effect indoors or outdoors, providing flexibility for homeowners, designers, architects and builders alike.

Should I Hire a Professional?
While there are certainly a lot of homeowners that do their own projects to enhance Cape Cod outdoor living, such as adding a facade to an outdoor brick fireplace, exterior wall or interior space, if you are unfamiliar with doing basic masonry work or are simply not comfortable doing it yourself, there is no shame in hiring a professional. The goal is to create Bourne backyard makeovers and interior design projects that will look great, add the texture and color to your home that you desire and provide long-lasting, durable function for many years to come. If that means hiring a professional contractor to install it for you, so be it.

An experienced contractor will be able to help you make sure that your project is done right. For example, effective drainage needs to be a consideration, especially for outdoor projects. If your thin veneer brick materials are not installed properly, water and moisture could build up between the home or building and the layer of brick veneer. This can lead to all sorts of issues, including mold and mildew, cracking and breakage, structural damage and a whole lot more. If you are unfamiliar with a technique or a material, it can really pay to hire a pro.

Where to Get Thin Veneer Brick Materials in Cape Cod
If you are looking to expand your outdoor living space and an outdoor brick fireplace, cooking area, barbecue or exterior wall is something that you desire, look no further than J&J Materials for the best quality thin veneer brick materials in the New England area. With two locations in the South Coast area, including Seekonk and Bourne, backyard makeovers, outdoor living projects, exterior hardscaping and design can all become an affordable reality. J&J Materials offers a wide variety of thin veneer brick materials, including Vee Brick and Brick Tiles, KF Brick, Morin Brick, Pine Hall Brick, Stiles & Hard Brick and Clay Facing Brick, all in thin veneer styles and several color options. Give us a call or stop by one of our locations to check out all of the thin veneer brick materials and natural stone materials available at J&J Materials.

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