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Slate Patio Stones: How to Use This Natural, Durable Material

J&J Materials > Hardscape Projects > Slate Patio Stones: How to Use This Natural, Durable Material

slate-patio-stonesTo build a large paver patio, it is worth taking the time to look into the different types of materials available in your area. One of the best materials that you can use are slate patio stones. There are many advantages to choosing to invest in slate patio stones over traditional square or rectangular concrete pavers and patio block. This article will go over the advantages and the many different ways that homeowners and property owners can use this natural, durable and long-lasting material to create beautiful landscaping, hardscaping and masonry projects that, if installed properly, will look great and last a lifetime.

The Advantages of Using Slate Patio Stones
When it comes to the materials that most people use to create a large paver patio, slate patio stones come out on top in many different ways. First, they provide you with the strength that comes from using rectangular concrete pavers, but with a very unique style and texture that you can only find in natural stone. Second, they are very versatile. You can purchase slate patio stones in a variety of sizes and styles. Regardless of the style, most will have straight edges and sides for easy installation. They are also available in a uniform thickness for easier leveling, making slate patio stones very simple to install – even for those new to DIY projects.

Compared to other types of patio block materials, slate patio stones are also very durable. They are not affected by acids found in most soils, which means that they don’t require a separate sand bed for installation like other materials. The unique look and feel of slate patio stones can also help you to create a very original-looking project, whether you are building a large paver patio, walkway, pathway or retaining wall. Slate patio stones can also be used to create residential projects, such as steps, stairs, driveways and garden areas, as well as commercial projects, including walls, pavilions, public pavements, steps and more.

Other Ideas for Slate Patio Stones in Foxboro
Homeowners in Foxboro, Massachusetts who are looking for new ways to use slate patio stones in and around their home can try a couple of the application ideas listed below. If you aren’t sure whether or not the slate patio stones would work in the areas you are seeking to remodel or create, speak with one of our customer service or sales agents at J&J Materials. Our team has lots of experience working with and recommending various types of patio block, rectangular concrete pavers, large paver patio materials and slate patio stones to our customers and we can help you figure out what material would work best for your particular situation.

  • Spa Surround – Slate patio stones are an excellent choice to use as a surrounding surface area for backyard spas. They can be used for both built-in models and freestanding spas. The texture and porous nature of the slate material makes it a great choice for use near water.
  • Front Porch Steps – Slate patio stones are also a great choice for front porch steps and even as a surface material for the front porch itself. The beautiful, natural grey color of slate patio stones make them more appealing than basic rectangular concrete pavers or other types of manufactured materials, and their durable qualities make them a great choice for steps that will be used frequently.
  • Retaining Walls – Slate patio stones can be a beautiful material choice for a dry stack retaining wall in your front or backyard. Color-coordinating the retaining walls with walkways, stepping stone pathways, patios and front porch steps can create a complete and complementary look for any New England home.

Where to Find Slate Patio Stones in Southeastern Massachusetts
The best place to find slate patio stones and other types of large paver patio materials is at J&J Materials. We have a wide variety of patio block, square and rectangular concrete pavers, natural stone materials, manufactured patio stone, top quality name brand pavers and much more, all of which can be used to create beautiful landscaping, hardscaping and masonry projects right here in the South Coast region. Our delivery area includes all of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, making it a convenient way to have quality materials delivered right to your home or commercial property. Our team can help you choose the best quality slate patio stones and other materials that will make your project stand out and provide great-looking function for many years. Call J&J Materials today to find out more about the products, materials and accessories available or to inquire about our delivery service area and options.

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