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What’s the Best Grass Seed to Use for Westport, MA Lawns?

J&J Materials > Landscaping > What’s the Best Grass Seed to Use for Westport, MA Lawns?

best-grass-seedWhen it comes to planting a beautiful, lush and green lawn in the New England area, there are a few types of seed that homeowners should consider above all others. There are just three major types of grass seed that are used successfully in the northeast. Kentucky Bluegrass seed is very popular and is hardy in the cold New England weather; Perennial Rye grass seed will produce a very quick lawn within a week’s time; and Fescue, which comes in two distinct classes, is used frequently in high traffic areas. Each type of grass seed has its own benefits and things to consider, so figuring out which seed is the best grass seed for Westport will depend on how, where and when you use it.

The Basics
When planning your New England lawn, it is important to consider all of your options. When looking at the three major classifications of grass seed that are used in this area, it can quickly become clear which option will get you the results that you want – and when you want them. In this more in-depth overview of these three types of grass seed that are common in the northeastern states, you will see why some homeowners and landscapers select what they think is the best grass seed for Westport and the rest of the SouthCoast region.

  • KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS SEED – This type of grass seed is very popular in the northeastern states because it grows quickly and is strong enough to be able to stand up to cold temperatures. Beyond that, its widespread root system enables the Kentucky Bluegrass seed to quickly recover from any damage that occurs due to an early frost or extreme weather pattern. It germinates in 18-21 days and has a powerful resistance to disease. It also has a rich, dark color that many property owners desire.
  • PERENNIAL RYE GRASS SEED – One of the fastest germinating types of grass seed available for your New England lawn, perennial rye grass seed will germinate in 5-7 days and creates a thick, coarse texture for a rapid lawn when needed. Unfortunately, the rye grass will begin to thin out and die after just a year to three years, requiring over-seeding or a fresh planting of grass to maintain a beautiful looking lawn. There are three different types of rye that are available for Massachusetts homeowners, including annual rye, perennial rye and turf type perennial rye grass seed.
  • FESCUE (FINE & TALL) GRASS SEED – There are two separate types of fescue grass seed that are used in the northeast: fine fescue and tall fescue. Both of these types are used most commonly for commercial properties, but they are also used for residential. The advantage to using fescue for your New England lawn is that it is very tolerant of drought, shade and high traffic, making it an excellent backyard choice for children, pets or outdoor entertaining. Fescue germinates in about two weeks to 18 days and is commonly used as part of a commercial quality mix.

Making a Decision – It’s Easier Than You Think!
Now that you know about the options available for grass seed in the northeast, it is time to figure out which one is the best grass seed for Westport residential, commercial and municipal properties. But what if you didn’t have to choose just one? What if you could get the best of the Kentucky Bluegrass seed, the Perennial Rye grass seed and the Fescue Fine and Tall grass seed in one bag of grass seed?

Grass for a New England lawn must be able to tolerate a wide variety of temperature and weather changes throughout the year. Some grasses thrive in cool weather, while others thrive in hotter conditions. While no one grass seed will be perfect year-round, a combination of these most popular seeds into one grass seed mixture will most likely be what local homeowners would deem as the best grass seed for Westport and other SouthCoast cities and towns.

  • The “Contractor’s” Mix – This seed combination is very cost-effective and gives quick results. However, this type of New England lawn will only last about a year before it dies out. This blend is a mixture consisting of 80 percent Annual Rye, 10 percent Kentucky Blue and 10 percent Creeping Red Fescue. With what we know about the strengths and weaknesses of Kentucky Bluegrass seed, Perennial Rye grass seed and the varieties of Fescue grass seed, it becomes easy to see why it gives instant results, yet doesn’t last long.
  • “Professional Landscape” Mix – Another very cost-effective option, this is one of the most popular blends sold at J&J Materials. This mixture is made up of nearly equal parts of the top types of grass seed sold in New England, consisting of 33 percent Perrenial Rye, 33 percent Kentucky Blue and 34 percent Creeping Red Fescue. It works well in both sun and shade, yet because it contains a large percentage of perennial seed, it will continue to grow year after year, increasing the return on your landscaping investment.
  • The “Master” Mix – If you are looking for the best grass seed for Westport that will work in just about all general purposes, check out this blend. It grows quickly, thanks to the fast-growing rye, which gives it a quick boost. The blend contains a mixture of 45 percent Creeping Red Fescue, 25 percent Kentucky Bluegrass seed, 15 percent Perennial Rye grass seed and 15 percent Annual Ryegrass, giving it longevity, a rich dark color and while the annual will only last for a season, the rest of the mixture will keep growing for many years to come.

Where to Get the Best Grass Seed for Westport
If you are looking to plant the perfect New England lawn for your home in Westport, New Bedford, Fall River or anywhere else in Southeastern Massachusetts, go to J&J Materials. With two locations in the SouthCoast area, you can find all of the Kentucky Bluegrass seed, Perennial Rye grass seed, Fescue and specialized mixes you’ll need to grow the best-looking lawn for your particular situation. Call J&J Materials to find out more about the grass seed we have available or to ask about our delivery service area.

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