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Hardscape Projects
The top tier of the retaining wall (far left) was staggered to create visual interest. The landscaping in the retaining wall was an opportunity to break up the hard, horizontal lines of the pavers. Front, a colocasia illustrus, Rhythm & Blues wave petunia in purple; middle, a green giant is surrounded by cascading petunias; rear,...
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One of the easiest DIY projects for homeowners to attempt using natural stone materials is to build a dry stack retaining wall for their front or backyard. Retaining walls are one of those hardscaping projects that add aesthetic beauty to your property, while performing a distinct function. The best materials for retaining walls will vary...
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Careful planning is required when using stone veneer materials. The amount of coverage that is required, the measurements of the intended space and, when used outdoors, consideration must be given to ensure moisture control to prevent water from leaking into the core of the base material that is being covered. Best when done by an...
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When it comes to creating a beautiful and functional outdoor living space, garden walls can help you to achieve both. In fact, adding stone retaining walls can help you to create a gorgeous backdrop for your garden, create added privacy where it is needed and help you to partition off the various areas of your...
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While you might not think that hardscaping tips in Pawtucket are any different from tips that would be used to build a backyard retaining wall anywhere else in the nation, the truth is that the type of natural stone materials and the methods used to create retaining walls can vary from location to location. The...
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The age old skill of constructing retaining walls and other barriers using the “dry stack” method is very commonly seen throughout New England. In fact, many of the dry stack retaining wall and property line walls of this region that were created in colonial times are still standing throughout the countryside, while many of the...
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One of the best investments that you can make into your home, backyard and garden is to build a stone wall. For centuries, stone walls have been considered to be the best type of border marker for properties due to the natural stone appearance and because of the strength and long-lasting durability that comes from...
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As spring comes upon the northeastern states, more and more homeowners begin to start thinking about venturing outdoors to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the season. Whether you live in Fall River, New Bedford, Scituate, Bourne or Attleboro, outdoor living is becoming a very popular remodel and renovation trend because there are so...
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When you begin to work out your new outdoor living project, you may be quickly overwhelmed by all of the outdoor flooring materials and options available in this area. Before you even begin picking out your outdoor kitchen appliances or go shopping for outdoor furniture, you will have to decide what, where and how to...
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When it comes to installing flagstone patios, it is important for homeowners to learn as much as they can about the installation and maintenance of the material before they make an investment. While there is no patio material that is 100 percent maintenance free, using flagstone for patios is a great way to create a...
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