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Top Methods Used to Build a Decorative Wall in Massachusetts

J&J Materials > Hardscape Projects > Top Methods Used to Build a Decorative Wall in Massachusetts

decorative-wallCareful planning is required when using stone veneer materials. The amount of coverage that is required, the measurements of the intended space and, when used outdoors, consideration must be given to ensure moisture control to prevent water from leaking into the core of the base material that is being covered. Best when done by an experienced professional, yet basic enough that many homeowners have tried it as a do-it-yourself project, stone veneer can be used to create a decorative wall that would look beautiful in Middleborough, Massachusetts or anywhere else in the northeastern region. The natural aesthetics of the stone that is chosen for the project will provide a gorgeous backdrop for any outdoor living area, bringing a touch of elegance to your home.

Backyard Wall Ideas: Retaining and Beyond
Whatever type of wall you are considering adding to your property can benefit from the application of exterior stone veneer. While it may sound like an expensive proposition for an outdoor wall, stone veneer materials, when applied to a base wall foundation, can actually give the look you desire at a much more affordable cost compared to using solid stone to build the entire wall. For example, many builders are using cheap, yet sturdy cinder block to build a basic property boundary wall and are then decorating it using stone veneer for a beautiful, finished look that will appear to cost much more than you will need to invest.

Many architects – both landscape and construction – are choosing to use stone veneer materials, not just for backyard wall ideas but to decorate outdoor and indoor fireplaces, exterior and interior walls, as well as for many other applications. When exterior stone veneer is used to create a fresh new look for a residential property, it doesn’t just improve curb appeal, it adds value. Because the veneer is thin and lightweight compared to traditional stone materials, it can be added to walls of any thickness and height without increasing the weight too much and affecting the strength and durability of the wall itself.

Choosing a quality product from local suppliers, such as J&J Materials, does increase the value even further, providing homeowners with a finished result that they will be proud to show off to family and friends. Stone veneer materials can be used to create a basic decorative wall in Middleborough, turning a plain wall from ordinary to extraordinary. They can be applied to smaller retaining walls, built-in planters, outdoor kitchen areas, fireplaces, as well as full-size larger walls, privacy walls and other hardscaping features.

Choosing the Materials for a Decorative Wall in Middleborough
When it comes to picking the best exterior stone veneer to make all of your backyard wall ideas a reality, it pays to take your time and do a little research. What makes Middleborough different than any other town in Plymouth County or the whole of Massachusetts? With such a rich history stretching back almost 350 years and being the official center of the cranberry industry, it is important to choose stone veneer materials that will not only accentuate the beauty of the surrounding area, but that will honor the great tradition of this town as well.

If you were choosing exterior stone veneer and picking through ideas for a decorative wall in any other town or city in Southeastern Massachusetts, you might make a different choice. For example, the look and feel of walls and exterior design out on the Cape is greatly different from something you might see in Fall River, so it is important to choose accordingly. Of course the stone choices made in the South Coast will also differ greatly from the choices made in another state, such as Florida, California or Washington. Selecting stone based upon the area where your property is located, will help to create results that will enhance the architecture and natural beauty of your home.

Some Ideas for Stone Veneer Materials
J&J Materials specializes in providing customers like you with quality materials that will enhance your project and create durable, long-lasting results. The exterior stone veneer available through J&J Materials is no exception. Choose from thin stone veneers from North East, a natural veneer that is about five times thinner than stone facings that are traditionally used for outdoor projects. Choose from a wide variety of styles and colors for easy installation and built-in cost savings with this 100 percent all-natural stone product.

Another product to consider is Connecticut Stone Thinstone, another natural stone that is also five times less weight than traditional stone facings. Because it is an all-natural stone product, it will last a lifetime and is extremely versatile, allowing for use as an interior and exterior stone veneer. RealStone Veneer is another option for homeowners, providing a super thin veneer material that is available in a number of different color and style offerings.

Boral’s Cultured Stone is a manufactured stone product that has earned a reputation for providing authentic stone beauty that allows for little-to-no maintenance and does not require the use of finishing or coating products that can be used indoors or outdoors. Owens Corning’s Cultured Stone is another manufactured product that provides high-quality stone and brick veneer results that stand apart from the competition.

Where to Get Decorative Wall Materials in Middleborough – and Beyond
If you are looking to purchase stone veneer materials to help make your backyard wall ideas come true, visit J&J Materials. With a stone yard in Seekonk and another in Bourne, J&J Materials can help you pick the best exterior stone veneer for your project and provide you with how-to videos that can help you understand how to best use these materials to build and enhance your own decorative wall in Middleborough or anywhere else in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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