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Top Quality Stone Wall Supplies for Building a Backyard Wall

J&J Materials > Hardscape Projects > Top Quality Stone Wall Supplies for Building a Backyard Wall

stone-wall-suppliesOne of the best investments that you can make into your home, backyard and garden is to build a stone wall. For centuries, stone walls have been considered to be the best type of border marker for properties due to the natural stone appearance and because of the strength and long-lasting durability that comes from using stone wall supplies. While it may cost more to build a fence using stone wall material than wood, PVC or metal materials, a well-built stone wall will look better and last longer than other types of property markers.

Stone Wall Material Options

When you decide to build a stone wall in New Bedford, Massachusetts or anywhere else in the South Coast region, the type of materials that you choose to use will make a big difference in the finished product and its ability to stand up to the change of season experienced in the New England states.

Some of the most common used stone wall supplies and materials include:


  • American Granite – This stone has a medium to coarse grain and is considered to be a weathered granite. It has a consistent and aged granite appearance with a fresh hand-split look. It comes in natural weathered brown and earth tone colors that are blended with split faces that show a beautiful blend of blue, pink, green and white, as well as mica flecks, garnet inclusions and quartz crystals.
  • Van Tassel Granite – This stone is quarried by hand in New York from a ledge that is deep set in the state’s Dutch ancestry. It features pink, blue-green and brown shades within a granular texture that has random speckling and striations within the vein.
  • Pennsylvania – Harvested from the fields and mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, this stone is used throughout the northeastern region and has been a very popular stone wall material choice for over 20 years. The stone itself is relatively flat, colored brown and gray and is covered in moss and lichens. Can be used with and without mortar, as well as in veneering work.
  • Colonial Grey – Quarried from the same area where the Pennsylvania flagstone and tread stock comes from in eastern Pennsylvania, this stone is relatively uniform in thickness at 1-2 inches and 2-6 inches, featuring a smooth, flat texture on the surface. Color ranges between blue and grey with brown variegated stones. Very low in cost, plentiful in supply and easy to use.
  • Connecticut Tan – Cut to a 1-3 inch thickness, this local stone is a beautiful tan and brown color. Taken from the northern part of Connecticut, this stone is low in cost and readily available. Many New Bedford homeowners choose this type of stone wall material because of its beautiful earth tone colors, as well as its uniformly flat surface and edges, which make it easy for DIY projects.

In addition to the types of natural stone highlighted here, J&J Materials also carries other varieties of local and northeastern stones, including Appalachian Mountain, Boulders, Multi-Colored Boulders, Kewanee Flats, Corinthian Granite, Southbay Quartzite, Antique Fieldstone and Antique Farmers.


  • Belgard Wall – Used for free-standing wall construction by designers, contractors and homeowners for a beautiful multi-piece design with blended colors. Create straight walls, corners, sweeping curves, raised patios, steps, columns and terraces. Belgard’s Celtik Wall design is a modern day interpretation of authentic Celt-stone, combined with the flexibility, low maintenance and durability of manufactured stone.
  • Pavestone Wall – The manufactured stone wall supplies available to create the Pavestone wall create a very inviting and stylish outdoor living space. It can be used to create freestanding walls, retaining walls and other architectural work in a wide range of shapes, colors and textures. Pavestone wall systems are built to be resilient, long-lasting and durable even under extreme weather and environmental conditions.
  • Techo Bloc Wall – One of the primary goals of the materials used to create a Techo Bloc wall are the details in the design. This manufactured stone can be used to create beautiful retaining walls, freestanding walls, flowerbed frames, finishing caps and much more, providing long-lasting looks, strength and durability.

Each of the manufactured stone companies provided through J&J Materials, including the Pavestone wall, Techo Bloc wall and Belgard wall series, come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors that can be used to complement any home, garden or outdoor living space.

Using Stone Wall Supplies in New Bedford

One of the most important things that you need to consider when using stone wall supplies to create a beautiful natural stone wall, Pavestone wall or other type of garden wall for your home is safety. While there are many projects that can be easily instaled by homeowners, such as the interlocking Techo Bloc wall materials and other stone wall supplies, there are some that will provide better, long-lasting results if they are installed by an experienced professional. If you need a reference for a contractor, speak with the service agents at J&J Materials and we can help you find a local, qualified installer of any of the materials that we sell here at our Southeastern Massachusetts locations.

A well-built natural stone wall, Pavestone wall, Techno Bloc wall or other type of solid wall can last for many years, but it will also provide the homeowner with many other benefits as well. In addition to long-lasting strength, using a quality stone wall material will provide homeowners and property owners with the following advantages:

  • Durability – One your stone wall material is installed, it will last you for many years regardless of all the weather changes, landscaping alterations and extreme conditions, your stone wall will last and last. Moisture, freezing and thawing, hot summers, frigid winters, snow and ice – none of it can do damage to your new stone wall.
  • Flexibility – When you choose to use stone wall supplies to create your property border or retaining wall, you can select from a wide variety of natural and manufactured stones that will provide you with the look and feel that you have been looking for to complement your outdoor living space in a natural and beautiful way.
  • Low-Maintenance – Unlike wooden fences that need to be painted, stained or repaired due to damage caused by weather or PVC fencing that needs to be cleaned and checked regularly, stone wall material doesn’t need to be sealed, painted or finished to keep them intact.
  • Cost-Effective – While it may cost a little more to invest in stone wall supplies over wood, PVC or other fencing materials at first, the investment will last you a lifetime and due to the low-maintenance, you won’t have to keep re-investing throughout the lifetime of the fence. Whether you choose natural stone, Pavestone wall or Techo Bloc wall for your project, you will get a solid return on your investment throughout the lifetime of the wall.

Where to Get Stone Wall Materials and Supplies in New England

The best place to get all of the natural stone wall material, Pavestone wall, Techo Bloc wall, Belgard wall and other stone wall supplies in the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island area is at J&J Materials. With locations in the Seekonk/Rehoboth and Bourne/Cape Cod areas, as well as a delivery range that includes all of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, J&J Materials can provide you with all of the stone wall material that you will need to build a property wall, retaining wall or any other hardscaping project for your outdoor living space. Stop by one of our locations or browse through our website to see examples of the materials that we carry.

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