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Attract Backyard Birds: Water Features, Bird Baths and More!

J&J Materials > Outdoor Living > Attract Backyard Birds: Water Features, Bird Baths and More!

backyard-birds-waterOne of the most important things that a Rhode Island bird watcher can do to attract more birds to their backyard is to use water. All types and species of birds need water, so adding one of more accessories or features to your backyard that include water will draw nearly as many birds to your view as putting out food sources would do. In fact, birds that normally are too timid to visit feeders will be more easily tempted to visit water features.

Why Are Birds Attracted to Water?
There are two primary reasons why birds are attracted to a water source. The first is the most obvious, they use water for drinking. The second is that they use water for preening and bathing. Water can help to keep a bird cool and clean, both on the inside and on the outside. A water bath can help to remove loose feathers, dust, parasites and collected debris, helping to keep the bird healthy and clean.

When you offer birds water in your backyard, you give them a way to take care of themselves that might not be available in a natural setting near your location. If you are in a neighborhood with a lot of competing bird feeders, setting up a couple of unique opportunities, such as a backyard water feature or a boulder bird bath, will attract them to your yard. Setting up a beautiful garden area for area birds to enjoy, along with a reasonably distanced stone garden bench for bird-watching, will really enhance your outdoor living space and provide you with a wonderful opportunity to see the birds up close.

While any water is an improvement in an area where there isn’t any, the least effective type of water for attracting birds is standing or stagnant water. Setting up a beautiful boulder bird bath will look great, especially if it is surrounded by beautiful, fragrant flowers to attract nectar-drinking birds as well, but if the water just sits there it won’t do you any good. Setting up a means for the water to be moving will help attract the attention of both local and migrating birds that are flying by your location.

How to Create a Moving Water Experience
One of the best ways to create a moving backyard water feature is to install a fountain or some other type of bubbling water source. One of the more popular ways to add a moving water display is to create a bubbling water fountain out of boulders or other types of natural stone. J&J Materials has a couple of unique methods that can be used to create a custom backyard water feature or to install a fountain kit to help attract birds to your backyard.

  • The Fish Upstream Fountain Kit – This kit allows homeowners in Providence, or anywhere else in the New England area, to quickly set up and create a natural boulder fountain in just a couple of hours. The kit includes a plastic basin that is approximately 24 inches deep, a “Fish Upstream” character, as well as a pump and the tubing required to hook it up. There are also other styles apart from the fish character available by special order.
  • Falls & Water Fall Kits – J&J Materials also has a remote controlled retaining wall water fall kit that can be built using your choice of stone or block materials. The water flows in a nice, smooth sheet from the stone in your retaining wall or other hardscaping project, down into a basin below. This water fall kit can be added to create a backyard water feature in just about any block wall structure and is a great alternative to a traditional fountain.
  • Formal Falls Basin – This beautiful water feature is also available at J&J Materials and can be sunk in-ground or used above grade to create an amazing-looking waterfall feature that will attract the attention of local birds. This is a low-maintenance system that doesn’t even require winterizing. Just drain in the spring and add fresh water to start using it again.

You can also add a pump and a fountain to your boulder bird bath or create an extra feature that adds a drip, sprinkle or splash to the water to attract attention. An accessory known as a “jiggler” can also be added to your boulder bird bath to add motion quickly and easily without a lot of extra work. Even a hose that drips into a pond, basin or dish will attract more birds than standing water.

How a Birds Improve Your Outdoor Living Space
Homeowners in Providence who love to be surrounded by nature and enjoy a little amateur bird watching will really benefit by adding a backyard water feature or boulder bird bath. Creating your own relaxing area within your outdoor living space, complete with an eye-catching stone garden bench and other stone garden accessories, can help you to improve upon the way that you enjoy your backyard.

Adding a backyard water feature or boulder bird bath to your outdoor living space is a very low-maintenance way to attract local New England birds without having to invest a fortune in bird feeders or dedicate a lot of time to cleaning up all that bird mess. Check online for tips on designing a safe location to place your water features that will encourage birds of all sizes to enjoy it without worrying about predators. It is also important to create a safe environment in order to keep attracting “repeat customers” to your backyard.

Where to Purchase Water Features for Your Outdoor Living Space
Visit J&J Materials for all of your outdoor living space materials. From landscaping to hardscaping and masonry materials too, J&J Materials has all you need to create a backyard bird paradise that you will enjoy for many seasons to come. Choose from our fountains, water falls and other backyard water feature options and take a look at our gorgeous custom boulder bird bath selection to find the accessories that are right for you. Add in a stone garden bench to complete the look and really enhance your outdoor living space.

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