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Backyard Design in Brockton: Why You Need a Water Feature

J&J Materials > Outdoor Living > Backyard Design in Brockton: Why You Need a Water Feature

water-feature-brocktonWith so many unique ways to make a backyard your own, homeowners are beginning to explore new ideas for improving on the function, feel and appeal of their outdoor space. One way to get more out of your backyard is to learn how to install a water feature, which is much easier than it sounds. There are many advantages to adding a natural boulder water feature to an existing or brand new backyard design in Brockton. After reading this article, you will understand why they have become so popular.

Reason #1 – Natural Stress-Reliever
If you are looking for a way to unwind when you come home from work or want to hang out in a peaceful place on the weekends, look no further than a beautiful water feature. Choose from a couple of different styles, including a unique retaining wall waterfall and more traditional options, such as the natural boulder water feature or fountain. Studies show that water sounds provide natural stress relief and relaxation to the home or work environment. A water feature is a great idea for your patio, garden or any outdoor space where you spend time relaxing or entertaining friends and family. The water sounds range from very subtle to more audible, depending on the type that you choose to install. Adjustable pumps can also be added to adjust the flow, making the water sounds more pronounced or decreased, as needed.

Reason #2 – Decorative Feature
A lot of people forget about the “feature” part of the water feature. It was originally designed to become a focal point for you and your guests, installed in an area that would naturally draw the eye or to create a beautiful space for hanging out or relaxing. A natural boulder water feature or other type of waterfall feature is a functional work of art. There are many different styles, types and options available for you to choose from that would go well with your backyard design in Brockton. Select a retaining wall waterfall that will blend with the hardscaping and landscaping that you have already done or choose an artsy, colorful fountain that will stand out among your plants and outdoor furniture.

Reason #3 – Increase Humidity
Certain times of year, increased humidity can be very beneficial to plants, attracting birds, butterflies and other enjoyable creatures to your garden. A traditional humidifier can be loud and put too much moisture in the air, while a natural boulder water feature or other type of fountain will naturally put humidity into the air without becoming overpowering. Some people even learn how to install a water feature indoors so they can enjoy the moist air for plants and better breathing all year round. Consider adding one to your sunroom, greenhouse, family room or other similar area where humidity is needed.

Reason #4 – Water Source
In some cases a water feature can have even more function than merely being decorative or relaxing. Some homeowners install a retaining wall waterfall or natural boulder water feature as a means of providing water for their pets. Some natural stone based fountains can be set to just bubble up slowly, making a great drinking fountain for dogs or even cats. Some water features even double as bird baths, providing wild birds with a place to cool down in the summer months, giving you more bird-watching opportunities than you would get with a mere feeder. If this is your intention, make sure you choose a water feature that won’t require you to use dangerous or harmful chemicals that could make the animals sick.

Reason #5 – Privacy
Another good reason to learn how to install a water feature into your backyard design in Brockton is to provide you with a little bit of privacy from your neighbors. It is amazing how just a soft bit of flowing water will drown out sounds from neighborhood children, backyard barbecues, traffic and other irritating noises. It will even provide a bit of privacy for you, your family and your guests, preventing neighbors from eavesdropping on conversations. The sound of flowing water can change the entire feel of your patio, backyard or garden.

Where to Get a Water Feature in Brockton
If you would like to learn how to install a water feature or would like to purchase a kit to create a natural boulder water feature or retaining wall waterfall, look no further than J&J Materials. With two locations in Southeastern Massachusetts, J&J can deliver quality natural stone materials and water feature kits throughout the region, including Rhode Island. Choose from a variety of options, including remote controlled water features made from block or stone. A water feature is a great way to upgrade your backyard design in Brockton or anywhere in the SouthCoast area. In fact, most water features can be installed in a single day or weekend with little to no skills or knowledge required.

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