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How to Pick the Very Best Bird Baths for Scituate Backyards

J&J Materials > Outdoor Living > How to Pick the Very Best Bird Baths for Scituate Backyards

natural-bird-bathsOne of the key elements required for wild birds is a clean, water source. Birds use water not just for drinking, but also for bathing. Hence the term “bird bath” as it pertains to the water vessels and fountains that homeowners often put out for neighborhood birds. If you were to watch wild birds out in the natural environment, you would see just how much they enjoy water. In fact, many bird experts believe that they don’t just bathe in the water, but they also play and enjoy themselves immensely. It is for this reason that many homeowners think to put out a source of water for birds to enjoy, especially if the goal is to use bird baths to attract birds to the backyard for a little at-home bird watching.

Selecting the Best Type of Bird Bath
When it comes to choosing what type of bird baths are the best bird baths for Scituate backyards, it is important to consider what type of water sources the local birds would use naturally. Some prefer to create a natural boulder bird bath that would be similar to a small pond or water source near a river, stream or other local area. While others may think more about building a bird bath that would have some height, to provide the birds protection from neighborhood cats and other predators.

If you are unable to build a natural-looking water stream or pond in your backyard, there are some commercial options that would allow you to install a DIY bird bath in a day or weekend. Natural stone materials can be used, while commercially-fabricated bird baths can be a great choice as well. It all depends on your taste, budget and the amount of space available. Most bird baths can be easily installed in a backyard, side yard or front yard, as required. Many homeowners who want to use bird baths to attract birds will choose to install them in an area where they can comfortably sit and watch the birds without disturbing them too much.

Different Types of Bird Baths to Browse
When it comes to choosing which of the styles of popular bird baths are the best bird baths for Scituate backyards, you will likely choose based upon your own taste. One rule of thumb is that the bird bath should not be more than three inches deep at its deepest level. Many popular bird baths are shallow with a slight, gentle slope to one side or to the middle, allowing the birds to wade in or out as much as they want.

Birds prefer to use a bird bath that has a secure footing, so if you want to use bird baths to attract birds for bird watching, you’ll want to find a basin that is not too smooth or slippery. A textured surface is preferred by most birds, allowing them to confidently keep their footing. Moving water is another preference, so if you want to attract more birds to your natural boulder bird bath, make sure to add a dripper or a fountain. With most of these add-ons you can still install a DIY bird bath in a day or weekend.

Location, Location, Location
While we touched a little on setting up your bird bath in an area where you can comfortably watch the birds without disturbing them, there are other things to consider when choosing the location of your bird bath. If your goal is to use bird baths to attract birds, you will want to make sure that they will find your new water source in a good location. In the middle of an open yard is the worst place to put your new bird bath. Birds want a sense of security and privacy. Put your bird bath near a fence, tree or shrubbery where they can easily escape if startled.

Many bird baths are placed on top of a pedestal or are hung from a tree. Again, the type and style that you choose will depend on the structure of your backyard and the options that you have immediately available. Again, choose a place where you will be able to see the birds from inside your home, either from the kitchen, living room or office – someplace where you’ll be able to see them often. Also, make it easy on yourself to clean and maintain the bird bath, placing it near the hose for quick fills and cleanings. You’ll want to change the water every couple days, possibly more frequently in hot weather. Clean it thoroughly once a week to stay on top of debris and residue build-up.

Where to Get the Best Bird Baths for Scituate Backyards
The best place to go to find beautiful bird baths for your backyard is J&J Materials. They have two locations in Southeastern Massachusetts and a couple of unique bird bath models for you to choose from for your home. The “Two Fish Bird Bath” features a gorgeous basin that has two carved fish, which is installed on top of a beautiful natural boulder bird bath stand. Another option available to customers is the “Boulder Bird Bath,” which is a natural boulder bird bath that has been ground inside with a polished rim and natural edge. The base of this DIY bird bath in a day is also made from a natural boulder material. To find out more about the bird baths available at J&J Materials, call our office or stop by our location to see them for yourself!

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