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Seekonk Outdoor Living: Build a Patio Using Stone Patio Kits

J&J Materials > Do-It-Yourself > Seekonk Outdoor Living: Build a Patio Using Stone Patio Kits

stone-patio-kitsOne of the easiest ways to learn how to build a patio without having any type of knowledge or experience working with masonry materials is to use one of the stone patio kits available through J&J Materials. A brand new beautiful natural stone or paver stone patio would help to establish a foundation for just about any type of Seekonk outdoor living project you could imagine. From an outdoor kitchen to a beautiful dining area in the garden, a spot for entertaining friends and family or a nice, quiet place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, it all starts with building your outdoor flooring.

How to Choose the Best Materials
If you decide to use one of our popular stone patio kits, you will need to choose whether to make a 10×10 or 12×12 patio and what pattern you would like to create. Speak with our customer service representatives about our design patterns available to help you get the look and texture you want without having to hire a landscape professional. You also get to choose the type and color of Rivenstone pavers that you will receive, ranging from blue to blue variegated and tan variegated options. All you need to do is follow the basic diagram to learn how to build a patio that comes with all of our stone patio kits.

If you want an even more custom patio to start building your Seekonk outdoor living space on, you can combine two or more stone patio kits together to create a longer or wider patio. You can also purchase your own natural stone materials or pavers from the wide selection of masonry materials available at J&J Materials. You will need to do some basic measuring and figure out how many pieces you will need in order to build your patio, but it can be done. Even some of the most inexperienced DIYers have been able to successful learn how to build a patio in their own backyard.

Filling in the Joints
There are a couple of different materials choices available for Southeastern Massachusetts homeowners who want to build a patio area that will be strong, durable and stand up to the test of time. Most projects include the use of masonry sand, which is brushed into the joints with a broom. The area is then watered down to make sure that there is enough sand in between the pavers or stones, with more being added if necessary.

Another product that is available through J&J Materials that can boost the strength and durability of your stone patio kits is polymeric sand. This is a special type of product that is used to fill in the joints between pavers. It contains special additives, including silica, which form a binding agent when they are mixed with water. These binders hold the sand particles together and lock all of the pavers together as well. It sounds like a high-tech product, but it is really quite simple.

What Are the Advantages to Choosing Polymeric Sand?
While you could use regular sand, there are many advantages to choosing polymeric sand to fill in the joints of your stone patio kits. Polymeric sand will cost a bit more than basic sand to start with, but it will last longer and make your Seekonk outdoor living space look even more professional when it is completed.

  • DURABILITY – The action of the binding agents coming together locks the pavers in place, adding more strength and prevents water from washing in between the pavers down to the base materials.
  • MAINTENANCE – Because the polymeric sand creates such a tight bond between the pavers, weeds are much less likely to grow. Weeds love to grow in plain sand, so stone patio kits built with regular sand are more likely to sprout weeds.
  • EROSION PREVENTION – Again, by sealing those joints together, the water from hosing down your patio or from a summer rain storm, won’t wash away the sand. When you use plain sand, you are more likely to have to add more sand and brush it in between the joints.
  • INSECTS – Ants love sand. With polymeric sand, ants will have a much more difficult time making homes in the spaces between your pavers.
  • DESIGN – Did you know that polymeric sand comes in a variety of natural colors? You can coordinate your sand colors, which range from gray to beige, in a shade that will match best with your natural stone materials or concrete pavers.

Where to Get Stone Patio Kits and Polymeric Sand
The best place to get all of your materials for Seekonk outdoor living is J&J Materials. From polymeric sand to stone patio kits, natural stone pavers to concrete pavers, flagstone and decorative stone filler, J&J Materials has everything you need to create a beautiful patio area for your front or backyard.

For more tips and ideas on how to build a patio, contact one of our friendly and helpful customer service agents or stop by one of our two Southeastern Massachusetts locations to see all of the landscaping, masonry and hardscaping products we have available for residential and commercial customers in the South Coast region. Ask about our delivery program and get our beautiful stone patio kits delivered right to your home!

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