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Unique Driveway Ideas Using Strong & Durable Paver Materials

J&J Materials > Driveways > Unique Driveway Ideas Using Strong & Durable Paver Materials

durable-paver-materialsWhen it comes time to build a driveway or remodel your residential driveway, there are a lot of layout and material options available for homeowners to choose from in Southeastern Massachusetts. Whether you are looking for unique ideas to use for Middleborough driveways or want to install a more classic design for a Cape Cod home by the bay, it is important to get started by selecting strong, durable driveway materials that will create a long-lasting finished product.

However, there are some questions to be asked. Do you want a straight driveway or something with a curved design? Do you need a long driveway to reach from the road to your garage or do you have limited space? All of these things will need to be considered, along with any budgeting restrictions, before you go shopping for materials and begin installing driveway pavers.

How to Choose the Type of Driveway
The best way to decide which type of driveways are best for your home is to ask yourself a few questions. Do you need room for one or two vehicles? Will those vehicles need to pass each other at some point? Do you need a turn-around in order to get back onto the road safely? How much parking do you need? Where is your garage located – near the street, on the side of your home or detached and in the rear?

Other questions to consider include, is there a steep slope and does it slope upward or downward? Are there trees or other landscaping items that you need to work around or will it just be a straight shot from the street to your garage? What kind of look do you want to get out of your new custom driveway? Do you want something simple or are you looking to try unique driveway ideas that will stand out from the rest of the neighborhood?

Ideas for Middleborough Driveways
Some of the more popular designs used for driveways in Middleborough and other areas in Southeastern Massachusetts include straight, curved and circular. The type of design you choose can then be further customized by the type of strong durable driveway materials you select to complement or provide an accent for your home.

  • CIRCULAR – As it sounds, a circular driveway is a sort of horseshoe or half circle type driveway that has an entrance and an exit. This type of driveway is perfect for homes with large front yards, allowing for landscaping to be done in the center of the curve and on the sides of the home. This is a popular choice for Middleborough driveways because it allows for a clear view of the road when pulling out onto the main street or highway, as well as giving drivers a safe way to turn around.
  • CURVED – Similar to a circular driveway because of the unique curved edging and materials required for use when installing driveway pavers, this is one of the more unique driveway ideas that can be customized for South Coast homes depending on the amount of space available and the length required between the street and your garage or parking area near your home. This type of driveway can also be used to work around large trees or other landscaping features, but it is important to make sure that vehicles can easily maneuver around it to prevent accidents.
  • STRAIGHT – The most common type of design used for Middleborough driveways and by homeowners nationwide. The shortest distance from Point A (the street) to Point B (the garage) is a straight line, so why not create a straight driveway? This is a great solution for small front yards and for homes where the garage is close to the street. Decorative materials can be used to customize the project, such as installing driveway pavers as trim or edging, as well as lighting and landscaping elements.

How to Choose Driveway Materials
Once you decide the style you want to use out of all the unique driveway ideas you have browsed, it is time to choose the strong durable driveway materials that you will use to create your custom driveway. Permeable pavers, concrete pavers and concrete blocks are three of the most widely used materials today outside of asphalt and poured concrete. If you are looking for a new way to get an original looking driveway for your home, then installing driveway pavers instead of having a driveway poured is your best bet. J&J Materials carries a wide variety of permeable and concrete pavers that can be used to make a beautiful, long-lasting driveway.

  • PERMEABLE – Not only do permeable pavers look good, but they out-perform other types of strong durable driveway materials. The natural porous nature of permeable pavers helps to prevent soil erosion and reduce environmental stress. Belgard environmental permeable pavers, which are available at J&J Materials, can be used to virtually eliminate runoff, possibly eliminating the need for underground sewer pipers or retention ponds. Pavestone permeable pavers, also available at J&J, are designed to perform as a structural pavement, yet are 100 percent permeable to decrease pollutant loads and stormwater runoff rates.
  • CONCRETE – Built to be strong, durable and affordable, concrete pavers can be used for patios, sidewalks and driveways and come in a number of shapes, sizes, colors, designs, patterns and textures. They can be easily repaired and have the strength required to stand up to heavy traffic on driveways or parking areas by both cars and trucks. When you visit J&J Materials to choose from the wide selection of strong durable driveway materials, make sure to check out the products available from Belgard, Techo-Block and Pavestone, three very respected and trusted names in concrete pavers.

Where to Get Materials for Middleborough Driveways
Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island homeowners can get all of the strong durable driveway materials they need to create unique driveway ideas at J&J Materials. Installing driveway pavers can be done as a DIY project by homeowners or can be hired out by professional installers for even more creative and long-lasting results. Stop by one of our locations in Seekonk or Bourne, Massachusetts to take a look at all of the permeable and concrete pavers available, as well as other landscaping materials and hardscaping products to help expand and improve your outdoor living space in the South Coast region.

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