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Fall River Outdoor Living: Create Outdoor Lighting Effects

J&J Materials > Lighting > Fall River Outdoor Living: Create Outdoor Lighting Effects

One of the areas that many homeowners forget to plan for when they begin to explore outdoor living projects is the lighting. Outdoor lighting effects can be used to transform your backyard into a beautiful and inviting place that you will want to spend time in with family, friends and even by yourself. Options for outdoor lighting can vary widely, depending on where it will be used and what the intended use of the space. Outdoor mood setting ideas will also range, from peaceful to party, relaxing to exciting, from one event to the next.

What Is Fall River Outdoor Living?
How is an outdoor living project in the city of Fall River or anywhere else in Southeastern Massachusetts vary from outdoor living projects in other parts of the country? Seasonal weather plays a huge part, of course, as more southern regions don’t have to worry about snow, ice and freezing temperatures when they are planning outdoor projects. The type of terrain should also be considered, with project elements differing if you live out in a rural, suburban or urban areas, as well as whether you live in a house, condo or apartment. Some people might think that you can only create a special outdoor space if you live in a traditional house, but there are many people who have been able to create a unique and enjoyable place even in a small or limited space.

Popular options for outdoor lighting effects include:

  • accenting plants and other landscaping elements
  • highlighting walkways and hardscaping structures
  • uplighting the branches or leaves of trees and tall shrubbery
  • moonlighting techniques that create shadows on lawns or patios
  • silhouetting unique hardscaping or landscaping elements
  • shadowing along walls and fencing with trees, plants and other elements

Learning which type of outdoor lighting effects is best for your home landscaping can really enhance your Fall River outdoor living experience. Choose your options for outdoor lighting carefully according to the elements that you want to showcase or highlight, as well as according to the purpose of your new outdoor living space that will help you to create the mood and experience that you desire. You don’t have to just choose one, but can skillfully combine two or more outdoor mood setting ideas that can be used together or separately during different situations.

Outdoor Lighting Effects and How They Are Accomplished
In this section, we are going to go over a couple of the options for outdoor lighting and provide you with tips and ideas that will help you accomplish these effects. Outdoor mood setting ideas and other outdoor lighting effects can really make a difference in the finished result of your Fall River outdoor living project. If you have any questions about lighting, the hardware required or tips for proper installation, speak with a sales representative at J&J Materials. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best lighting options for your unique outdoor living situation.

  • UPLIGHTING – The best choice for this particular type of outdoor lighting effects is to use a low-voltage light fixture that relies on LED or halogen bulbs. The lights should be placed and directed to illuminate a tree from the ground up as a means of highlighting the shape of its trunk and the structure of its branches. One or two fixtures can be used to accomplish this, depending on the size of the tree. Additional fixtures can be placed approximately eight feet away from the trunk of the tree and pointed upward to highlight the leaves and branches.
  • MOONLIGHTING – This is one of the more unique options for outdoor lighting, using fixtures that are placed inside the tree that point downward to the ground. This effect should resemble the moonlight, hence the term “moonlighting.” It is most often used to highlight a beautiful natural stone patio or other type of hardscaping element below the tree. Shadows are cast from the branches and leaves of the tree down onto the pathways and patios below, creating a beautiful combination of lighting techniques.
  • SHADOWING – Choose an interesting or unique element in your Fall River outdoor living space, such as a fountain, tree, statue or plant. Shine a bright light upon it in order to create a shadow effect of the element onto a wall or fence. It is a sort of “light play,” using both the brightness and the shadowy darkness to create a unique effect. Experiment with the placement of your lighting, either lighting the object from below, above or at a mid-height position to create different effects.

Where to Get Lighting for Fall River Outdoor Living
When you begin to look at your options for outdoor lighting, look no further than J&J Materials. With two Southeastern Massachusetts locations in Seekonk and Bourne, as well as a wide delivery range that goes west as far as Pawtucket and Providence, J&J Materials is your source for top quality landscaping supplies and hardscaping materials, including outdoor lighting effects and other types of outdoor mood setting ideas. Stop by one of our locations or give us a call to find out more about all of the options available to help create your very own backyard paradise right here in the South Coast region!

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