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Expand Your Outdoor Living Space With Small Backyard Ideas

J&J Materials > Outdoor Living > Expand Your Outdoor Living Space With Small Backyard Ideas

small-backyard-ideasIt doesn’t matter how much space you have, it is possible to create a functional outdoor living space in your own backyard that can be used for relaxing, enjoying the outdoors or entertaining family and friends. Westport homeowners who once felt that outdoor living space design wasn’t for them can now learn how to maximize the space that they do have to create a beautiful backyard oasis that can be enjoyed year-round.

How Small is Small?
Whether you live in a condominium that has a very minimal space for a garden and outdoor seating or if you live in a home that has what builders are now calling a “pool size backyard,” meaning there’s only room for a small pool and not much else, you will enjoy these small backyard ideas specifically designed for Westport homeowners and other local residents in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Even if you have a good-sized backyard, chances are the area that you designate for your outdoor living space could be cut short by a driveway, a garage, a children’s playset or play area – perhaps even by a built in barbecue grill, swimming pool or hot tub. Whatever your lot happens to be, there are ways to make the most out of the space that you have and still create a beautiful outdoor living space that you can be proud to show off and enjoy.

Westport Homeowners: Hiring a Pro

While there are many things you can do yourself to expand on your outdoor living space, some situations could require a professional. In fact, there are landscapers and hardscaping architects who specialize in small backyard ideas that can help you to realize your outdoor dreams and include all of the elements and options that you would like to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. When you hire a professional company to help you create an outdoor space that knows how to use Belgard pavers to create a beautiful patio, has experience in setting up a working water feature and has the ability to build an outdoor kitchen and dining room area, you can feel confident in moving forward with your plans. When it comes to choosing your materials for your outdoor living space, visit J&J Materials. We sell name brand, professional quality materials that can be used by professional installers according to your specifications and requirements.

Small Backyard Ideas & Solutions
There are three ideas that can be applied by Westport homeowners who are looking to maximize the potential of their small backyard space to create an outdoor living area. The best part of these ideas is that they can be used anywhere and adapted to suit your own specific needs. By looking at your backyard and considering these unique methods and techniques, you will be able to better plan your new backyard oasis and make the most of your tiny space.

Idea #1 – Use Focal Points
Similar to interior design, the goal with this idea is to create focal points that will draw the eye to the corners and areas of your outdoor living space to make it appear larger, while enhancing the natural beauty of your property. Even if you don’t have a beautiful view, you can create your own focal point that will delight your guests and enhance the ambiance of your backyard hideaway. Small fountains, water features, natural stone veneer applications, potted plants or even artwork made of metals, glass, ceramic or stone are all options that should be considered as focal points. You can layer in focal points as you complete your project, adding something new where it is needed as you notice it is needed. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and visit antique shops and local artists, as well as local material supply dealers, such as J&J Materials, for unique ideas.

Idea #2 – Think Inches, Not Feet
This idea involves changing your way of thinking. Westport homeowners typically look at options for their outdoor living space and see how large they are and think they can’t use them. Look at smaller options for typically larger features and measure them in inches to maximize your space. Don’t overwhelm your small space with a ten foot structure or element, instead consider how much space you really need in order to create a functional item and consider your options. For example, instead of a standard eight foot outdoor kitchen counter, perhaps look at a custom kitchen island made of natural stone that has multiple functions, such as prep work, counter-height dining, entertaining and more. The idea of thinking in inches instead of feet also applies when you learn how to use Belgard pavers to create patios, walkways, retaining walls and other elements. There are many sizes of pavers to choose from that can be used to your advantage.

Idea #3 – Use Top Quality Materials
Because you are creating your outdoor living space using smaller quantities of materials, you can afford to use top quality materials for your small backyard ideas. Invest in brand name materials that are guaranteed to out-last and out-perform cheaper materials. For example, find new examples of how to use Belgard pavers in your backyard design and know that you are choosing one of the finest brands available to Westport homeowners. J&J Materials is an exclusive dealer of Belgard materials, providing their customers with top quality materials that they can count on to create a beautiful outdoor living space. A smaller space means having the ability in your budget to create unique features, such as retaining wall waterfalls, landscape enhanced lighting and beautiful focal points that will help you to enjoy your new outdoor living area even more.

Visit J&J Materials for Small Backyard Ideas
Westport homeowners and residential customers throughout the South Coast region should visit J&J Materials to see all of the beautiful, top quality materials available for use with these small backyard ideas. Create an outdoor living space that you can be proud of, whether you do the work yourself or hire a professional. Stop by to see our gorgeous natural stone materials and learn more about how to use Belgard pavers to create patios, retaining walls, pathways and more to enhance your new outdoor living space.

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