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Outdoor Living in Scituate: How to Build a Backyard Retreat

J&J Materials > Outdoor Living > Outdoor Living in Scituate: How to Build a Backyard Retreat

backyard-retreatFor the locals who live in the seacoast town of Scituate, just south of Boston, there is a strong sense of history and some pretty amazing advantages associated with living here. In the 375 years since the town was incorporated, an evolution from summer colony to fishing community to residential community has somewhat changed the landscape of the area. Known for its beautiful Scituate Lighthouse and the Stockbridge Mill, the town has been described as a “delightful mix” of rural, suburban and seaside lifestyles.

That being said, outdoor living in Scituate for many homeowners can be a challenge in their own backyard. While there are many opportunities for boating and other recreational sport, many of the century-old homes and properties just weren’t built with privacy and outdoor living space in mind. Creating a backyard kitchen and dining area or exploring other ideas for outdoor living, is a great way for homeowners to entertain family and friends outside, while expanding their home’s living space and opening themselves up to new opportunities.

A Blend of the Old and the New
One of the best ideas for outdoor living is to combine the elements of the classic architectural appeal of many of the homes in town with contemporary tastes and materials. Do you want a garden that will help you relax after a long day at work or a summertime retreat that you can use for entertaining under the stars? Are you wanting to have a private area where you can sunbathe or read a book in peace? There are many reasons why homeowners want to learn how to build a backyard retreat, so identifying your needs, desires, hopes and purpose early on will help you decide what to do first.

Some of the top reasons why homeowners want to expand their outdoor living space include:

  • creating an enjoyable and relaxing outdoor space
  • improve home value and/or curb appeal
  • upgrade the architecture of the home to something more modern
  • increase privacy outdoors from neighbors or street traffic
  • add space for entertaining, cooking or “hanging out” with family

Adding Borders and Privacy
The first thing you will want to think about when looking at ideas for outdoor living is to think about privacy or at least defining the area of your new backyard retreat. Fencing, walls, retaining walls or even hedges might just be what you need to create a separation. In some cases, waist-high retaining walls made from natural stone or pavers that match and coordinate with the structure of the original home are a great solution. The choices that you make with regard to setting up borders will depend on your taste, the design of your home and, of course, your budget.

A good border will not just give you a feeling of enhanced privacy, but it will help to shut out noise from traffic and neighbors. It is important not to shut out the views that attracted you to the home in the first place, particularly if you live out near the seaside, but you will want to create some sort of private boundary that will prevent beach-goers from invading your outdoor living in Scituate or anywhere else that you live along the South Coast. Sometimes even just a simple raised garden bed created from natural stone or concrete pavers will do the trick, providing you with a separation without covering up your view.

Setting the Foundation
Any good ideas for outdoor living should include a patio – whether you choose to use a traditional stone, concrete or manufactured paver patio or a casual area made of flagstone stepping stones grouted with natural grass or plants. You will need a sturdy foundation to set up your outdoor furniture, such as couches, lounge chairs, tables, benches and other seating areas. If your plans include a backyard kitchen and dining area, space will need to be considered for a cooking area, counter tops and an eating space as well.

Some homeowners prefer to learn how to build a backyard retreat that is right outside their back door for easier movement of food and other items used for entertaining, while others prefer to create a bit of an island oasis in the middle or back area of the property, far away from the home itself. Your design and ideas for outdoor living will vary depending on the amount of property you have, the type of project you want to create and, of course, your intention for using the space that you are establishing. Outdoor living in Scituate can be anything you want it to be.

Other Elements to Enhance Your Backyard Space
There are others things to consider when making your plans and ideas for outdoor living. Water features, such as fountains or retaining wall waterfalls, a built in backyard kitchen and dining area, plants, bird baths and bird feeders, lighting and more should all be considered at the early stages when you are learning how to build a backyard retreat. Visit J&J Materials to find out more about the options available to enhance your outdoor living in Scituate or anywhere else along the South Coast region.

J&J Materials offers a wide delivery range extending as northeast as far as Scituate and west as far as Providence, Rhode Island. In addition to materials and products that can help you make your ideas for outdoor living a reality, J&J Materials has many other materials that can be used to improve both the interior and exterior of your home. Give us a call or visit one of our showrooms in Bourne or Seekonk to see all of the things you can use to expand your outdoor living in Scituate.

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