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Enhance an Outdoor Living Space: Install a Backyard Fire Pit

J&J Materials > Fire Pits & Fireplaces > Enhance an Outdoor Living Space: Install a Backyard Fire Pit

block-fire-pit-kitsIf you are looking for a way to get even more use out of your new outdoor living space, consider installing a brand new backyard fire pit. While it might sound like a huge undertaking, it is actually much easier than you would think, especially if you use a Pavestone fire pit kit. A fire pit is a great addition to any outdoor living space, providing homeowners in Brockton and other towns throughout the South Coast region with a great way to spend more time outdoors with friends and family.

The Advantages of Installing a Belgard or Pavestone Fire Pit
When it comes to installing a fire pit, the Belgard and Pavestone fire pit insert kits that are available through J&J Materials make it easy for anyone to have a beautiful stone fire pit built in a weekend or less. They are so easy to install. Just choose whether you want to purchase a Belgard fire pit or a Pavestone fire pit based on the style, color and type of manufactured stone used to create the project. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer and before you know it, you’ll have a great-looking fire pit to enjoy.

Some of the things that you can do with a beautiful Pavestone fire pit kit include:

  • extending your outdoor living season to include early spring and late fall
  • create a fun atmosphere for social gatherings
  • build a beautiful focal point for your outdoor living space or garden area
  • make family memories roasting marshmallows and stargazing
  • cook meals outdoors over an open flame – think hot dogs, corn, kebabs, etc.
  • expand your existing outdoor living space with matching Pavestone fire pit or Belgard fire pit manufactured stones

How to Get More Fun from Your New Fire Pit
The best way to get more enjoyment and fun out of your brand new Pavestone fire pit insert is to follow some basic safety guidelines and maintenance tips that will help keep your pit in good working order for many years to come. These tips will help everyone to have a good time and stay safe while enjoying your backyard fire pit.

Here are some things you should do before installing your Pavestone fire pit kit:

  • BE LEGAL – Check with your local municipality to make sure that there aren’t any laws or regulations regarding fire pits or open fires. Some cities and counties have very strict rules about how and where they can be placed or the size that your Belgard fire pit can be. Home Owners’ Associations (HOAs) and other community covenants and restrictions can also directly address the use of open fires, fire pits and burn ordinances where you live.
  • BE READY – It is a smart idea to purchase a quality fire extinguisher that has a Class A rating and install it somewhere handy in case an emergency situation occurs. Make sure to read the instructions and get your extinguisher serviced to make sure that it is ready for use. Let friends and family know where it is located and how to use it. Another good idea is to have a bucket of sand nearby or make sure that a garden hose is hooked up and available when you use your Pavestone fire pit.
  • BE SMART – When you choose the location to install your Pavestone fire pit kit, make sure to choose an area that is not enclosed that will have good ventilation. Fumes from a fire, whether you make a gas fire, wood fire, charcoal fire or chemical log fire, can be a health hazard if proper ventilation is not available. Make sure to place your new Pavestone fire pit insert and framework a minimum of ten feet away from any structures or flammable objects, including fences, covered patios and trees.
  • BE HUMBLE – If you don’t think that you are qualified to install a Pavestone fire pit kit on your own, consider hiring a professional installer. If you don’t have a contractor in-mind, speak with one of the customer service representatives at J&J Materials to get a professional referral. While most homeowners who have experience doing DIY projects will be able to install a Belgard fire pit or other brand name fire pit project, it is important to make sure it gets done right.

How to Stay Safe When Using Your Fire Pit in Brockton
Homeowners in Brockton, Massachusetts or any other location in New England that are concerned about installing or using a Pavestone fire pit or Belgard fire pit properly, should go over some basic safety guidelines. Before you invite anyone over to enjoy the first bonfire, make sure that you know what you are doing first. Read the manufacturers’ recommendations and take heed of the following safety tips to make sure nothing goes wrong.

  • Keep it Clean – Make sure that the area is clear and that the pit is clean before you start a new fire. Make sure all the ashes are cleared out and that you are well prepared before lighting a fire in your Pavestone fire pit.
  • Know How to Use It – Make sure to use the right kind of fuel for your Pavestone fire pit kit. Only use the type of fuel that your particular pit was designed to burn. Propane, natural gas, wood, charcoal or special logs and fuel should be used according to manufacturer’s instructions. Wood should be kept dry and seasoned for a safer fire. Do not recycle broken furniture, palets or other items as fuel for your fire.
  • Keep It Small – A wood fire should be started with a piece of crumbled paper or small kindling sticks. Start small and let the fire build up naturally rather than throwing fuel on it or piling up too many papers or sticks. Allow the first materials to burn up before adding on larger pieces of wood.
  • Know Where Everyone Is Located – This is especially important when small children or even teens are present. Kids love to watch the flames of a fire from up close and can sometimes get too close, not even considering their own safety. Make sure to instruct kids on staying back at a safe distance and don’t ever leave them unattended, even for a second.
  • Keep Appropriate Tools Around – If you are going to roast marshmallows or other items with your guests, make sure that you have enough of the right forks or skewers around for them to use. Don’t substitute with sticks or other things to prevent injuries or accidents. Purchase tools that are especially designed for use with outdoor cooking and fire pits for safety.

Where to Buy a Belgard Fire Pit or a Pavestone FIre Pit in Brockton, Massachusetts
If you are in the market for a Pavestone fire pit kit or want to purchase a Pavestone fire pit insert to build your own custom fire pit, visit J&J Materials. We have two Southeastern Massachusetts locations, one in Seekonk and the other in Bourne. Our delivery service includes the entire South Coast area including Rhode Island, making it easy for local residents and property owners to purchase all the materials they need to create a beautiful fire pit. Visit one of our locations or contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents to find out more about all of the materials, products, tools and accessories available at J&J Materials.

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