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Install a Fire Pit Using Block Fire Pit Kits in Massachusetts

J&J Materials > Fire Pits & Fireplaces > Install a Fire Pit Using Block Fire Pit Kits in Massachusetts

backyard-fire-pitBefore you begin to learn how to install a fire pit as part of your outdoor living space, make sure to take the time to do some research and find out whether or not a circle fire pit or other type of open air fire is allowed where you live. The laws are different all over, requiring different rules, size limits and usage regulations from city to city, town to town and county to county. Make sure that you have all of the required permits, licenses and homeowners’ insurance in place to protect yourself.

Making Plans for Your New Fire Pit

Knowing what to expect before you even begin your fire pit installation will help you to avoid some of the most costly setbacks associated with installing block fire pit kits in New England. Whether you do it as a DIY project or hire a professional contractor to install it for you, knowing what is expected of you by the city or county and whether or not a building inspector has to come out and make approvals before building begins, can be a real time saver.

Choose a Design

Most homeowners in Scituate and elsewhere in the South Coast region, choose the type of block fire pit kits that they want to install based upon the architecture of their home or the design and theme of their outdoor living space. You might live in a beautiful Cape Cod style home, but your backyard looks like a tropical paradise from the South Pacific thanks to all of the decor and accessories that you have purchased for that space. Choose which fire pit installation kit you want to use based on the look, feel, function and size of circle fire pit you want to enhance or complement your property.

Choose a Location

Look around your backyard and find a good spot to build your fireplace that will work best with the current layout. Make sure to have utility companies come out and mark underground pipes, especially if you will be hooking up into your home’s natural gas or propane to power your brand new circle fire pit. Make sure that the location is a safe distance from the home and any other buildings, overhanging trees, branches, bushes and patio covers. Make sure that the ground is level and that there is enough room to build the fire pit installation and have space for seating so you and your guests can enjoy the space.

Choose a Function

How will you use your brand new circle fire pit? That is a question that you need to ask yourself. If the goal of learning how to install a fire pit is to just add natural light or ambiance to your entertainment or outdoor living space, you won’t need to worry about ensuring that the project provides heat or room for outdoor cooking. If your goal is to increase warmth in the early spring and late fall, then you will want to make sure that the seating is strategically set up to increase access to the heat. If your goal is to toast marshmallows or hot dogs, you might want to include built-in seating at a safe distance from the circle block fire pit kits.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fire Pit Installation

Regardless of the type of block fire pit kits you choose to install, the basic instructions on how to install a fire pit are pretty much the same. However, you should always check with the manufacturer’s suggested instructions before just jumping in and installing them according to anything you see online. Make sure to choose a safe and strategic spot for your circle fire pit to prevent any fire hazards from causing accidents or other safety issues.

  • Step One – Measure the space where your fire pit will be installed in your backyard. If using block fire pit kits, check the instructions to see the diameter of the space that you will need to clear and prepare. Drive a stake in the ground right in the center of where you want the circle fire pit to be located. Attach a cord to the stake and then pull it to the length of space that you need to create your circle. For example, a four foot diameter fire pit will be two feet out from the stake. Mark the space with landscaping spray paint or marking chalk before you start building.
  • Step Two – Dig out a one foot deep hole with straight edges and pour in four inches of small gravel or stones to help with drainage. Add sand on top of the gravel that is three inches in thickness to help contain the fire pit installation and protect it from any roots that might be underneath the installation spot.
  • Step Three – If you will be doing a dry stack wall, lay down an extra layer of sand to help you level the project. Concrete pavers and blocks can be easily stacked to make the wall of your new fire pit installation. Do not use any adhesives because they will put off toxic fumes when they get hot from the fire. If you will be making a traditional masonry wall you will need to mix up some mortar or concrete and follow the manufacturers’ instructions for creating a permanent structure.
  • Step Four – Finish following the instructions that came with the block fire pit kits to make sure that everything is according to specifications. Do not try to create a custom circle fire pit without first consulting the instructions or talking with one of the customer service agents or sales staff about fire pit installation.

Where to Get Block Fire Pit Kits in Scituate

Local homeowners who want to learn how to install a fire pit or shop for natural stone and manufactured stone materials for a fire pit installation should visit J&J Materials. Our delivery range includes all of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our two locations are in Seekonk and in Bourne. Give us a call to find out more about our block fire pit kits or to ask questions about how to install a fire pit and other hardscaping or masonry projects.

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