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Using Natural Thin Stone Veneer in Scituate, South of Boston

J&J Materials > Hardscape Projects > Using Natural Thin Stone Veneer in Scituate, South of Boston

thin-stone-veneerWhether your goal is to use exterior or interior natural stone facings to customize your home, it is important to consider what type of materials you will be using to create your brand new look. When it comes to choosing between traditional, full-dimension stone veneer and natural thin stone veneer, the choice quickly becomes clear. Not only is the thinner stone veneer lighter and easier to work with, but it is also much more economical, making it more affordable for most homeowners to use. Fortunately, J&J Materials will deliver stone materials to Scituate, south of Boston, providing contractors and homeowners with the best quality stone veneer available in the region.

The Advantages of Choosing Natural Thin Stone Veneer
The first reason why many contractors and homeowners begin looking at natural thin stone veneer compared to the traditional, thicker stone veneer is the price. The cost savings alone are enough to attract attention. The fact is that while the stone is thinner, it is still quality stone veneer made from natural stone materials, so nothing is compromised. While some jobs will demand the thicker materials, many exterior and interior natural stone facings can be made from the thinner natural stone and create a very beautiful and durable finished product.

Contractor Tip – Because the natural thin stone veneer is thinner and more lightweight than traditional, thicker quality stone veneer, it is easier and faster to install. So for contractors, the advantage is that they can install twice as fast, leaving them available to get other jobs or do more work, increasing their bottom line. For homeowners who want to install the stone on their own, an easier and faster installation will help them to do a better job on their own if they choose not to work with a contractor. This can be a huge plus for homeowners who enjoy doing DIY projects.

The weight of the material plays another part in the equation. First, it costs less to deliver stone materials to Scituate and other parts of Southeastern Massachusetts when the product itself weighs less. Second, more material can be delivered on each trip, allowing for twice the amount of material to be delivered to the job site as needed. Weight is also a consideration when using the natural thin stone veneer on non-load-bearing walls. It can also help keep weight distribution issues down to a minimum in multiple story homes where wall weight can be a problem.

Size can be another advantage, especially for interior natural stone facings where space can be limited. The thinner quality stone veneer runs between three-quarters of an inch to two-inches in depth, while the thicker materials can run up to six-inches deep. Projects that have limited space or need to have special considerations for space and depth will definitely benefit from using a natural thin stone veneer.

Things to Consider About Traditional Quality Stone Veneer
There are some situations where natural thin stone veneer won’t be the best choice. In those instances, traditional sized quality stone veneer should be used instead. J&J Materials has a wide variety of natural stone products for contractors and homeowners to choose from outside of their line of thin veneers. In fact, J&J Materials will delivery any type of masonry and landscape materials to our customers throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, including requests to deliver stone materials to Scituate, just south of Boston. See our website for pricing or contact our sales team today to find out more about our delivery services and range.

  • Some contractors may object to using natural thin stone veneer because it can be difficult to veneer, or slice, the stone for use. However, J&J Materials helps contractors to skip this step, providing a wide variety of natural stone, local stone and other desirable materials that have already been veneered according to standard specifications. This reduces cost and time loss associated with having to thin veneer the material yourself.
  • In some cases, the size of the traditional quality stone veneer is actually more beneficial to the project. While the thinner size can be an asset to engineers, in certain situations, the full-dimension stone will have an advantage in the details, especially when making corners. Natural thin stone veneer can sometimes limit the ability of the contractor in the areas of keystones, corners, lintels and corbels.
  • Weight restrictions can apply to the type of masonry being used for both the natural thin stone veneer and the thicker natural stone material option. In some cases, using the thinner material to get a specific look will get you over the weight restriction for thin set masonry. However, if the plan is to do a more detailed work that includes keystones, lintels and corbels, preparation can be done ahead of time to overcome those restrictions.
  • The wall that is going to get the natural thin stone veneer treatment must be framed properly in order for it to be installed properly. The wall itself cannot be angled or battered in any way. Repairs or alterations to the wall would need to be done from the very beginning to ensure a proper installation of the interior natural stone facings.

How to Decide Between Traditional and Natural Thin Stone Veneer
The best way to decide which material is best for your situation is to weigh your options and consider where and how they will be installed. Hire a professional if you are not confident in your installation abilities and speak with the sales staff and customer service agents at J&J Materials for any questions about natural thin stone veneer and traditional quality stone veneer materials to see which type is right for you.

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