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Stone Patio Kits: Tips for Beginner Do-It-Yourself Builders

J&J Materials > Do-It-Yourself > Stone Patio Kits: Tips for Beginner Do-It-Yourself Builders

stone-patio-kits-diyThere are so many wonderful projects that can now be done even by the most novice do-it-yourself homeowners. Stone patio kits are a great way to learn how to do a basic patio blocks installation and get a great-looking project that you can be proud of for many years to come. However, it doesn’t hurt to combine these patio paver kits with some insider tips. In fact, taking the time to watch installation videos, collect tips and learn as much as you can before your shovel hits the turf, can have a positive impact on your confidence and the finished look of your new patio.

For example, using tools that are specially designed for hardscaping, quality base materials to aid in leveling and stability, and innovative products, such as polymeric joint sand, can take your little weekend project to the next level without requiring a lot of extra steps or work. The tips provided in this article are designed to help first-timers to maximize the potential of stone patio kits, while also helping slightly more experienced homeowners get even better results with their backyard improvement projects.

It’s Easier Than You Think
When it comes to doing patio blocks installation to create a brand new backyard patio, when you use project planners, such as patio paver kits, it is as easy as following directions. If you can assemble a simple product from the store, you will be able to effectively follow the directions enough to install one of these beautiful stone patio kits. Homeowners in Cape Cod or New Bedford, Massachusetts all the way to Providence, Rhode Island and back again will benefit from the quality products, kits and accessories available at J&J Materials.

Just because these stone patio kits are great for beginners, doesn’t mean that intermediate and advanced DIY homeowners won’t be able to enjoy the satisfaction of a job well-done when they use one of these project kits. Choosing to use a packaged kit from J&J Materials will not only help you to perfectly plan out your project, providing you with all of the materials that you will need to create your patio pattern, but it will also save you money.

This all-in-one type of project, that the J&J Materials often refers to as a “patio on a pallet,” helps you to quickly make your materials selection, get it delivered to your home and help you to get building your project right away to also help save you time. Patio paver kits are a great way to get the look that you want without having to invest a lot of time and money into the project. The materials available at J&J Materials are of the highest quality from trusted suppliers, allowing our team to provide our customers with the tools they need to create a great-looking patio in a weekend.

Some Tips That Can Help
Once you have chosen which of the stone patio kits patterns that you want to use, it’s time to get started building your project. Patio blocks installation is just as much about properly preparing the area to receive the installation of the pavers or natural stone as it is about actually putting in the patio. If your area is properly prepared then installation will be much easier and your results will be even better. Taking the time to prepare your property, doing all the necessary measurements, creating the base and making sure that everything is leveled will yield the best possible finished product.

  • Tip #1: Follow the Directions – Especially if this is your first time using stone patio kits, don’t try to “customize” your patio with consulting with one of the sales associates or customer service agents at J&J Materials. They can help you pick out a pattern that you like and give you tips on extra things that you can add, but your best bet is to stick with the directions and customize by adding garden accessories and other extras once your patio is built.
  • Tip #2: Think Drainage – If flooding or standing water is an issue for the area that you want to install your new paver patio, make sure to speak with the representative when you purchase the materials. They can help you out with additional tips and ideas for residential drainage solutions that will prevent serious complications from occurring with your new patio. Grading the dirt layer under the pavers, using a layer of gravel for better filtration and other solutions may be suggested.
  • Tip #3: Level as You Go – One of the biggest mistakes that first time DIYers do is to skip the step about leveling. Not only will leveling help to make your project look better, allow for better use of tables without wobbling and prevent drainage issues, but it also helps your project to last longer. Unlevel construction is one of the biggest causes of project destruction within the first year or so after it has been built. Complications will arise if you do not make sure that your project is level by checking it after each and every step in the directions.
  • Tip #4: Fill in the Joints – Most patio projects will suggest that you fill in the joints or cracks between the pavers with masonry sand. While that will work beautifully to make sure that the pavers do not move, sand can blow or wash away over time. One way to prevent this from occurring is to use polymeric joint sand. This amazing product is used in the same way that masonry sand is, by brushing it with a push broom in between all of the pavers, you make sure that it is evenly and completely distributed between the joints. Then the area is watered down, which bonds that polymeric joint sand to itself and to the pavers. The result is a finished patio that will completely prevent weed growth, erosion of joint sand between the pavers and ants or other insects from establishing a nest.
  • Tip #5: Seal the Deal – Once you are finished preparing, building and filling your brand new stone patio kits in your backyard, it’s time to seal and protect the pavers for longer-lasting results. Speak with a representative at J&J Materials about sealing products that you can purchase and use for this purpose. They are usually very easy to apply and will add years of great-looking life to your finished patio.

Where to Get Stone Patio Kits in New Bedford

New Bedford homeowners, as well as home and property owners throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, can choose from a wide selection of patterns for stone patio kits at J&J Materials. With two locations, one in Bourne/Cape Cod area and the other in the Rehoboth/Seekonk area, J&J Materials makes it easy for you to come in, take a look at our products and either take them home or receive delivery. Our delivery service spans as far west as Providence and Pawtucket, as far east as Scituate and all throughout the South Coast region. Give us a call today to find out more about our patio paver kits or to ask about how to use polymeric joint sand and other specialty products for your next hardscaping project.

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