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Special Lighting Effects With Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

J&J Materials > Lighting > Special Lighting Effects With Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

If you are working on a budget to create your outdoor living space, then it can really pay off to choose projects that make a big impact to encourage you as you create the backyard of your dreams. While you might not be able to put in that built-in kitchen just yet, the more you get outdoors and enjoy outdoor living in New Bedford or wherever you are in the South Coast region, the better. Even if you just get started by building a patio using a DIY stone patio kit and decorate it with a bit of furniture and a standard BBQ grill, you are on the right track.

Low voltage landscape lighting is a great way to boost your outdoor living space without having to invest a ton of money. Combine the affordability of this project with some unique ideas in special lighting effects and other outdoor lighting ideas, and you could create your very own summer retreat that you and your family will enjoy using as you work to expand the area as you move from project to project. So even if you can’t afford to build that arbor or retaining wall just yet, you should take the time to light up your new outdoor living space so you can start using and enjoying it as-is.

Where Can Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Be Used?
When most people think about low voltage landscape lighting, they think about the tiny lights available at their local big box store that can be used to light up pathways that lead from the house to the patio or up the front walk from the driveway. While those are great uses of these products, there are some other great outdoor lighting ideas that can be used to enhance all of that work you are doing to create a new outdoor living space.

Whether your goal is to create an outdoor kitchen and dining room or to create an outdoor home entertainment area complete with a flat panel television and a fireplace, the special lighting effects that can be accomplished through the use of low voltage landscape lighting will help to put focus on your efforts, while providing useful and decorative lighting for you and your guests to enjoy.

Here are some special lighting effects that can be achieved with low voltage lighting:

  • light up paths, steps and dark areas
  • use waterproof pond lights to light up fountains, pools and other water features
  • mount spotlights on trees to create a moonlight effect
  • use flood lights to light up trees, statues and other large garden elements
  • accent your new natural stone patio or other outdoor living space area
  • provide useful light that can be turned on/off for outdoor entertaining
  • create a festive atmosphere with string lights hung across the outdoor living space

Why Choose Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?
One of the reasons why low voltage landscape lighting is so popular with DIYers is that it is safe and easy to install. They are sincerely low voltage – in fact, you could literally add wires and lights to the system while it is switched on – although we don’t recommend doing so. The point is, low voltage means LOW voltage, so it is one of the safest types of lighting to install, especially with someone new to home improvement projects.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve your outdoor lighting ideas:

  • Don’t Go Crazy – Too many lights will just flood your outdoor living space with too much light. Use low voltage landscape lighting as an accent for all the important areas of your backyard – the path, the patio area, stairs, steps, the cooking area and the eating area. You don’t want to light up the night like it’s daytime, you want to enjoy a relaxing evening in your own backyard.
  • Go Big or Go Home – It may sound like overkill, but it is important to purchase and install a transformer that is larger than you will need. The purpose of this is so you can add new lights later as your outdoor living space grows and expands to include new elements and areas for enjoyment. For example, if you are installing 300 watts of lighting, it can pay to purchase a 600 watt transformer.
  • Think All-Year Wear & Tear – When you install your new low voltage landscape lighting, think about how the area will be used and maintained in the fall, winter and early spring when there is snow, rain and ice on the ground. Don’t install your special lighting effects in a spot where the could get damaged accidentally by a shovel, snow plow or snow blower. On the other hand, think about using outdoor lighting ideas to light up special plants that bloom and look fabulous in the summer, but might not look great year-round. Lights can be turned on and off depending on the season.
  • Safety First – Before you install your low voltage landscape lighting, dial 811 to contact your utility companies and have them come out to mark off where any cables, pipes or lines are buried underground. This will help you avoid making an expensive or damaging mistake. Most utility companies provide this service for free.

Where to Purchase Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
If you are looking to try out some outdoor lighting ideas or plan making some special lighting effects for your outdoor living space in New Bedford, look no further than J&J Materials. In addition to providing customers with a wide variety of natural stone products that can be used for landscaping, hardscaping and masonry projects, J&J Materials also sells low voltage landscape lighting and other outdoor living space accessories that can be used to accent your new outdoor kitchen, living or entertaining area. Call J&J Materials today or visit one of our Southeastern Massachusetts locations to find out more about low voltage landscape lighting and what it can do to enhance your outdoor living space.

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