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Slate Patio Slabs: Good Idea for Outdoor Patio in Middleboro?

J&J Materials > Hardscape Projects > Slate Patio Slabs: Good Idea for Outdoor Patio in Middleboro?

slate-patio-slabsWhen it comes time to looking at which materials are better for building a backyard patio in the city of Middleboro, Massachusetts, you are going to want to think about whether or not your material of choice will be a good one for the New England region. While slate, which is a popular type of flagstone slabs, along with sandstone and limestone, has traditionally been used for kitchen and foyer flooring, it is also a great choice for most outdoor living projects as well. Taking time to learn a little bit more about slate patio slabs and how they can be best used in an outdoor setting will help you to avoid potential problems in the future.

What is Flagstone?
What you need to know is that when someone says “flagstone slabs,” it is a very general term that is used to describe large patio stones that are between 1-4 inches in thickness that are used for paving driveways, walkways, pathways and patios. This type of stone is created through a process of cutting or splitting from a much larger stone.

The primary types of flagstone slabs include:

  • slate patio slabs
  • limestone patio slabs
  • sandstone patio slabs
  • granite patio slabs
  • quartzite patio slabs

What is Slate?
Slate is a specific type of rock. The difference between slate and flagstone is that you can make flagstone slabs out of slate. While some flagstones are slate, not all of them are, as illustrated in the list above about the primary types of flagstone slabs available for builders, homeowners and landscapers to choose from at your local supply store.

Slate patio slabs come in two distinctive finishes:

  • multi-colored slate patio slabs
  • traditional soft blue-black slate patio slabs

Using Slate Patio Slabs for Outdoor Living Space Projects
Natural slate materials can be installed anywhere that you have used patio slabs in the past. They can replace other types of large patio stones to create patios, walkways, stairways, steps, stepping stones, pathways, driveways and many other types of popular DIY or custom outdoor living projects. When you purchase flagstone slabs, or more specifically, slate patio slabs, through a company like J&J Materials, you can rest assured that you are getting natural materials for your outdoor project that are of the highest quality for long-lasting durability and great-looking natural stone effects.

In addition to natural slate and other flagstone slabs, J&J Materials also offers customers a selection of beautiful materials by Belgard, a top manufacturer of fine hardscaping and masonry products. The Belgard Lafitt Patio Slab provides homeowners and property owners with the classic look and feel of slate patio slabs, but with an increased durability. It features the same look and texture of cut slate, but it is combined with the long-lasting strength that Belgard pavers is known for providing to its customers.

There are three shapes available to choose from, allowing homeowners the option to create beautiful patterns for their outdoor living spaces that would be difficult to achieve if they had used patio slabs made of any other material. The natural appearance of slate patio slabs comes through in these beautiful Belgard Lafitt Patio Slab materials, including all the color, texture, strength, durability and long-lasting beauty for everything from patios to walkways, driveways to pathways, porches to stairways and everything in between.

Advantages of Using Slate Patio Slabs
For those who wish to use natural slate patio slabs or another type of flagstone slabs for their outdoor projects, there are some pretty distinct advantages that come along with choosing this material over other types of natural stone materials. While there are pros and cons to using any material, there are definitely more positive aspects associated with using natural slate patio slabs compared to other types of large patio stones and commonly used patio slabs for outdoor living space and hardscaping projects.

  • WATERPROOF – Yes, this natural stone is waterproof. It is one of the more popular reasons why people choose slate patio slabs over other types of materials. Because of this it can be used in areas where water occurs frequently, such as driveways, walkways, patios, pool areas, spa areas and even indoors in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • STAIN RESISTANT – One of the reasons why slate patio slabs are very popular in outdoor kitchens and barbecue areas is that they are resistant to stains. There are no more worries about drips, slips and spills in your beautiful outdoor kitchen when you have slate patio slabs as your primary flooring material.
  • DURABLE – Slate patio slabs are one of the more durable natural stone materials available for outdoor living space and hardscaping projects. If you do a lot of backyard entertaining or have children running around, making sure that the large patio stones that you choose to create your flooring are durable and long-lasting is important.
  • AFFORDABLE – Compare to other commonly used patio slabs available, both natural stone and manufactured product, slate patio slabs are very affordable and cost-effective. Because of their long-lasting durability you will get a lifetime of use out of these materials, boosting your return on investment exponentially. While you might pay a little more up front, it is truly an investment in many years of low-maintenance enjoyment and beautiful aesthetics.

Where to Get Slate Patio Slabs in Middleboro, Massachusetts
If you are looking to build a beautiful, long-lasting patio, driveway, walkway or another type of hardscaping project for your home or commercial property, visit J&J Materials in the Seekonk/Rehoboth area or down at our Bourne/Cape Cod location. We have a wide variety of large patio stones, flagstone slabs and slate patio slabs that can be used to create just about any outdoor living space that you could imagine. For more information about all of our products, contact one of our helpful customer service agents or stop by one of our Southeastern Massachusetts locations to see them in person.

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