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How to Build a Patio in a Weekend Using DIY Stone Patio Kits

J&J Materials > Do-It-Yourself > How to Build a Patio in a Weekend Using DIY Stone Patio Kits

stone-patio-kitsWhen most people think about a patio, they usually imagine a concrete slab off the back of the house. While this is a common type of structure that is added on to many homes during the initial building phase, a patio can be – and should be – so much more. If you are looking to expand your outdoor living space and are trying to figure out where to put a patio in Westport – or anywhere else in Southeastern Massachusetts – this guide should help you choose the best place based upon your needs and available space.

How to Choose a Location
One of the most freeing things about choosing to use stone patio kits to create your new outdoor space is that all you need to do is figure out where you want to put it. There are five things that you should consider when you are trying to pick a location to build a patio in a weekend on your property. The first is to think about the purpose of the patio – what do you want to do there? Do you want to grill food for entertaining, have a secluded spot for reading a book or a place to relax in the summer, surrounded by nature in your own backyard? Sometimes figuring out what you want to do on your new patio will help you decide where to put it.

The second thing to consider is to choose how close or far the patio will be from your home. Patio paver kits can be installed directly attached to your home, a few feet away or off in a private area of your property, surrounded by bushes and trees. The third is to consider the amount of available space. Check the instructions on your stone patio kits so you’ll know how much space you will need. Sun and shade are the fourth things to consider – do you want to work on your tan or find a place to escape from the sun? And finally, think about the views. What do you want to look at while you enjoy your new patio?

How to Determine Size
What size of patio do you want? One way to get even more space than you’ll get with a basic kit is to use multiple patio paver kits and put them together to make a larger patio area. One, two, four or more patio kits can be used to create the ultimate outdoor living space. Again, think about what you’ll want to do when you decide where to put a patio in Westport, whether you want to entertain a large group of people or enjoy an intimate meal outside for two. Do you need a separate outdoor kitchen and dining area? Or will you simply need couches and chairs, places for people to sit as they enjoy the outdoors?

If you already have the outdoor furniture that you will want to use once you build a patio in a weekend, it is important to calculate the actual dimensions that you will need in order to be able to use that furniture and accessories. You don’t want a patio that is way too big, but you also don’t want to choose stone patio kits that are way too small for your things. Taking the time to do the measurements and determine how much space you’ll need will help you to create a well-designed outdoor space that you can use year-round to entertain family and friends.

Westport Homeowners: Patio Building Basics

When you are ready to begin to build a patio in a weekend using patio paver kits from J&J Materials, begin preparing the area that you decided where to put a patio in Westport or any other residential property in the South Coast region. The unique Patio-on-a-Pallet kits available for DIYers and professional installers will provide you with all of the materials that you need to get the job done. These stone patio kits are available in two different sizes, 10×10 feet or 12×12 feet and in multiple pattern options, including a basket weave, Dutch style, circular patio and a random design. Once you get your stone patio kits home – or have them delivered to your property – you can begin the process of installation.

  • Step One – Prepare the Site
    Remove any grass or plants that are in the space that you have chosen for your new patio. Excavate the earth down to the depth indicated in the instructions provided with the materials or on the website.
  • Step Two – Compact the Soil
    In order to ensure a sturdy foundation, the soil must be compacted. Again, you should check the instructions from J&J Materials online if you are unfamiliar with this step.
  • Step Three – Create a Base
    Speak with a sales representative about the base materials you will need to use in combination with your patio paver kits, such as landscaping fabrics, gravel and sand.
  • Step Four – Use Your Pattern
    Use the pattern that came with your patio paver kits to create the patio according to the directions so you will end up with the pattern of your choice.
  • Step Five – Joint Materials
    The joint materials that most people use will either consist of sand, silica or polymeric sand. Ask your sales representative for tips and ideas that you can use to build a patio in a weekend for best results.

Where to Get Patio Paver Kits in Westport
Once you decide to build a brand new patio, it’s time to find all of the materials that you will need to create a beautiful outdoor living space. Once you decide where to put a patio in Westport, New Bedford, Fall River or anywhere else in Southeastern Massachusetts, it is important to purchase good quality materials. J&J Materials has a wide selection of options for patio paver kits known as Patio-on-a-Pallet. Contact one of our local offices, either in Seekonk or Bourne, to find out more about these stone patio kits or stop by and see them for yourself. Ask about our delivery services that are available at locations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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