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Flagstone for Patios: Tips to Install Flagstone Patio Pavers

J&J Materials > Hardscape Projects > Flagstone for Patios: Tips to Install Flagstone Patio Pavers

flagstone-for-patiosWhen it comes to installing flagstone patios, it is important for homeowners to learn as much as they can about the installation and maintenance of the material before they make an investment. While there is no patio material that is 100 percent maintenance free, using flagstone for patios is a great way to create a long-lasting, durable and great-looking outdoor living space without having to spend a lot of time keeping it looking that way. In fact, if you take the time to learn how to install flagstone patio pavers properly for projects that used paving slabs, it will last for many years without requiring a lot of repair and attention.

SEALING FLAGSTONE PATIOS – One of the best ways to keep your flagstone patio pavers looking good is to seal them after installation. While all flagstone, which includes slate, granite, limestone, sandstone and bluestone, is subject to water stains because of the nature of the material itself, it is possible to protect it through sealing.

This is important, especially in areas where the water supply contains a medium to high mineral content or is more alkaline than acid. Sealing your flagstone patio pavers is also important in outdoor kitchen areas where a lot of cooking and outdoor dining occur. In areas such as Bourne, Massachusetts or anywhere in the South Coast region where salt from the ocean is in the air, sealing is definitely something that should be done. All new flagstone for patios should be sealed to fill in the pores within the stone to repel spills.

However, glossy finish sealers will compromise the natural look and feel of the stone. Choose instead a sealer that features a penetrating acrylic with a matte finish so the water will bead up when it hits the material. For best results, the sealer should be applied on an annual basis to help keep flagstone patios looking great over time.

CLEANING FLAGSTONE PATIOS – Regular sweeping of flagstone for patios should be done to keep loose dirt, landscaping debris, sand and other materials from sitting on the flagstone for prolonged periods of time. Fall leaves can hold moisture which, even with annual sealing, could lead to stains if they are allowed to sit for too long. In the winter, snow should be cleared as soon as possible to prevent moisture and ice from getting into the joints.

If you need to clean the flagstone used for paving slabs in your outdoor living space, be careful with what you use to clean it. For example, to clean stains or mold, the best solution is either bleach or muriatic acid that has been diluted with water. Check with your natural stone material supplier or local hardware store for information on special flagstone cleaning formulas that might be available. Whatever chemicals you do use should be rinsed off right away to prevent damage. Large flagstone patios that have a lot of stains can be cleaned by a hired crew with experience cleaning natural stone materials such as flagstone patio pavers to make sure that no damage is done to the materials. Ask about professional sealing services as well to prevent future stains or mold.

Staying on top of the day-to-day cleaning, seasonal cleaning and annual sealing of your flagstone patios will help it to keep looking brand new for many years to come. In fact, most of the advice given to homeowners who used paving slabs made from flagstone materials is preventative in nature, as this truly is a long-lasting, durable patio material.

REPAIRING FLAGSTONE PATIO PAVERS – For homeowners who used paving slabs made of flagstone, one of the best benefits is that it is installed one piece at a time. What that means is that it is easy to repair cracked flagstone patio pavers or pieces that are stained and cannot be cleaned because they can be removed and replaced.

Homeowners in Bourne, Massachusetts and other South Coast areas where there is a higher chance for staining to occur should consider installing stones without mortar. If the flagstone patio pavers shift, become stained or cracked, they can be easily removed without a lot of additional work. More sand can be added underneath, if necessary, and a new stone can be added and then the joint spaces filled in with the same material you used for the rest of the patio space.

Mortared flagstone patio pavers can also be replaced. If there has been a lot of damage due to freeze and thaw cycles, re-grouting can help if your flagstone for patios isn’t cracked. You would need to remove the falling mortar using a screwdriver or a masonry chisel and then replace it with fresh grout that matches the rest of the patio.

Where to Get Flagstone for Patios in Bourne
J&J Materials is a top supplier of flagstone patio pavers, natural stone pavers and quality manufactured pavers, including Nantucket pavers, Belgard, Pavestone and Techo-Bloc. We also provide all of the landscaping, hardscaping and masonry supplies that you will need to complete your outdoor living space projects. With two locations in Southeastern Massachusetts, one in the Bourne/Cape Cod area and another in the Rheoboth/Seekonk area, we offer delivery services to all of the South Coast region, including Rhode Island. Give us a call to find out more about our flagstone for patios or for information about any of our other top quality products.

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