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Create a Classic Brick Path and Cobblestone Edging Walkway

J&J Materials > Hardscape Projects > Create a Classic Brick Path and Cobblestone Edging Walkway

classic-brick-and-cobblestoneWith so many modern advances in landscaping being used by homeowners today, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back in time to review some of the more classic landscaping bricks ideas that have been used right here in New England throughout the past couple of centuries. Rather than go with the traditional natural stone materials to create meandering pathways and walkways; or dive into new manufactured materials that create stone-like textures and results; sometimes it’s good to just go back to the “old school” way of doing things and create a class brick path and cobblestone edging walkway.

Brick and Cobblestone Edging
One of the most interesting things about these materials is that they can be used together or separately in a number of ways. However, it is when they are used together that they provide the most dynamic and all-American looking results. Brick edging ideas are often similar to what we use for cobblestone edging and, in fact, either material can be used for either the pathway surface or the edging, depending on the needs and interests of the consumer.

A brick path with beautiful cobblestone edging would be just as striking as a cobblestone path that uses brick edging ideas to create definition that will provide many years of great-looking function. Choosing how to use these various landscaping bricks ideas for your own landscaping, hardscaping, masonry or outdoor living project will depend on your needs, requirements, taste in decorative landscaping and, of course, your budget. Your ability to install these materials may affect your choices as well.

Building a Brick Walkway
Who could forget the most famous brick walkway in history? Once you get “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” stuck in your head, it will be days or weeks before it’s gone for good. Brick walkways have been used for centuries to create a strong, durable hardscaping surface material that can either be installed using a dry method on a bed of sand or by using mortar to hold everything in place.

There are many different patterns that can be used to achieve various landscaping bricks ideas for your property. From the popular herringbone pattern to the basket weave, homeowners have lots of choices when it comes to the finished look and feel of a brick walkway. It is this flexibility and versatility that make using brick materials so popular. Brick makes it easy for just about anyone to create, remodel or repair landscaping bricks ideas without a lot of extra work.

Using Cobblestone Edging
Even if you are not familiar with cobblestone edging, chances are you still know these stones. They were used for roads and walkways throughout all of New England by the colonists, with many original projects still standing and in-use today. Talk about sturdy and durable! Cobblestones are typically stone blocks made from granite that are cut roughly into square and rectangular shapes. They were used most often to pave streets before the use of concrete and asphalt, but today they are widely used to create cobblestone edging.

Cobblestone edging brings a whole new texture and opportunity to your landscaping bricks ideas. Compared to natural stone materials, cobblestone edging has a sort of rustic, imperfect quality despite the fact that this material is somewhat uniformly created. They can be used to create a sort of “curb” alongside a driveway, walkway or pathway and can also be used to keep soil and mulch from getting out of a garden spot. Cobblestone edging also serves as a decorative accent that can be used to define a garden bed or path.

Combining Brick and Cobblestone Edging Ideas
A brick pathway will always look best if it is framed with some sort of edging. The color and style of cobblestone edging makes it a perfect match. While there are some pretty unique brick edging ideas that homeowners can use to create a matching border, the different texture, color, style, size and shape of cobblestone edging is what makes it so appealing – especially when installed next to uniformly created brick materials.

The tightness of cobblestone edging as it is installed one piece right next to the other piece, is also helpful in the prevention of erosion due to flooding or sloping issues. Cobblestones allow water to flow through and out and, compared to concrete or lumber as edging, they are much more practical, affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Make sure to look at the various colors and textures available in both brick edging ideas and cobblestone edging.

Where to Get Brick and Cobblestone Edging in Providence
Homeowners in Providence, Rhode Island who want to create a brick pathway with cobblestone edging or a cobblestone patio that uses brick edging ideas should visit J&J Materials for top quality materials, products, accessories and tools. Everything you need to create a beautiful driveway, walkway, patio or other outdoor living space is available at J&J Materials. We feature two Southeastern Massachusetts locations, however our delivery service extends to Rhode Island, helping Providence homeowners to get all of the brick and cobblestone edging or natural stone materials they need to get the job done. Call J&J Materials for more information on all of our landscaping bricks ideas and options.

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