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5 Pavestone Paver Patterns for Outdoor Living Space Flooring

J&J Materials > Hardscape Projects > 5 Pavestone Paver Patterns for Outdoor Living Space Flooring

paverstone-paver-patternsThere are so many different options available for Foxboro homeowners and property owners throughout the South Coast region who want to create a unique outdoor living space area. From patios to driveways, walkways to landings, porches to parking areas and just about everything in between, quality manufactured materials from companies like Techo-Bloc, Belgard, Pavestone and Nantucket pavers are an affordable, long-lasting and durable solution.

While most residential installations include the use of mortar to fill in the joints, there are other types of materials that can be used instead to create a completely different look and feel. There are lots of great ways to customize your manufactured Pavestone paver patterns, and the materials used to fill the joints is one of those ways. Choose from sand, gravel and even live filler, such as groundcover grasses, moss and other plants that are frequently used with pavers, granite cobblestones and concrete cobblestone pavers.

Choosing the Best Pavestone Paver Patterns
When it comes to picking the pattern that would be best for your Pavestone, Belgard, Techo-Bloc or Nantucket pavers, you will want to choose a look that reflects the theme of your outdoor living space and complements the natural architecture and surroundings of your home. For homeowners in Foxboro, sometimes a traditional New England style will work best, while for more modern homes, a unique geometric shape might be in order.

The top five popular patterns used for laying manufactured pavers are:

  • CIRCULAR – When it comes to creating a circular pattern with your Nantucket pavers, granite cobblestones or other types of manufactured pavers, there is a lot of wiggle room for creating a custom space than you might think. In addition to creating a circle, semi-circle or other combination of circular shaping, you can fill in the center pattern of the patio, driveway or other space with other patterns. Common combination patterns include a basket weave or a herringbone. The large circular pattern is popular with patios and outdoor kitchens, while the half circle is great for large front yard circular driveways.
  • BASKETWEAVE – This is a fairly common pattern that has been used for hundreds of years. In fact, it originates in the Old English landscaping design and is a well-known pattern that will complement any traditional, classic or vintage style home and garden area. You can see an example of this pattern on the J&J Materials website under our listing for Patio on a Pallet kits. The pavers alternate between horizontal and vertical pairs, creating rows and columns that are visually striking. Another way to customize Pavestone paver patterns that are in the basketweave style is to use alternating colors. Contrasting, complementing or related colors and tones can be used to create a very unique effect.
  • EUROPEAN FAN – If you have ever traveled to Europe, chances are you have seen this pattern. This is one of the most challenging patterns to create, however if you can start it right, the rest of the pavers will fall into place. Use it with Nantucket pavers, Belgard or Pavestone to create beautiful results. This pattern can also be flexible in the size of the fan that is designed for patios, outdoor kitchens and other outdoor living spaces, as well as the color and texture of the pavers that are used. This pattern is commonly used with granite cobblestones or concrete cobblestone pavers as well.
  • RUNNING BOND – This is the easiest of all the Pavestone paver patterns and is the most commonly used pattern among homeowners in Foxboro and across the country. It is easy to install, uses the least amount of materials, creates the least amount of waste and has really long-lasting durable results. The way that this pattern works is it is laid side-by-side to create visual illusions with its strong linear lines. It is used frequently in commercial properties and rental residential properties because the illusion can make the space look longer or wider, depending on the direction that it is laid. In its most basic form, the running bond pattern is very plain, but you can customize it with different colors, textures and styles of Nantucket pavers and can combine it with other Pavestone paver patterns to create something really unique.
  • HERRINGBONE – This is the most idea of all the Nantucket pavers, Belgard pavers and Pavestone paver patterns for driveways, patios and walkways, as well as any other heavy-duty, high traffic hardscaping project. The pavers are laid in alternating directions to create V-shape. Variations include laying the pattern at either a 45 or 90 degree angle and can be used to fill large or medium sized spaces. Aesthetically pleasing and great for all types of decor, this pattern can be created with a mix of different colored or textured pavers, as well as a unique border made of granite cobblestones or concrete cobblestone pavers.

Tips for Picking the Best Patterns for Outdoor Flooring or Hardscaping
When it comes time to decide which Pavestone paver patterns are best for your outdoor living project, make sure to choose carefully. The pattern that you select can strongly impact the look and feel of your project. When it comes right down to it, simple and basic patterns will work best for a modern style garden or outdoor living area, while random or unusual patterns will work best in a European or Mediterranean style space.

Adding extra features, such as a stone or rock border to the patio, driveway or walkway, as well as accessories, such as fountains and other water features, will also enhance the pattern that you have chosen. Using unusual materials, such as granite cobblestones or concrete cobblestone pavers in addition to or instead of more commonly used Belgard, Techo-Bloc, Pavestone and Nantucket pavers, will also help to create a unique look and feel.

Where to Get Quality Paver Materials in Foxboro, Massachusetts
If you are in the market to design, build or remodel your outdoor living space, patio, driveway or walkway, J&J Materials has a wide variety of natural, manufactured, interlocking and unique pavers, products and materials for you to choose from for residential and commercial projects. Visit our Seekonk/Rehoboth location or drive down to our Bourne/Cape Cod location to take a look at our full line of Pavestone, Belgard, Techo-Block and Nantucket pavers, as well as our selection of natural stone materials. We also stock a wide variety of other hardscaping, landscaping and masonry materials and products as well.

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