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How to Increase Cape Cod Home Value with Hardscaping Design

J&J Materials > Outdoor Living > How to Increase Cape Cod Home Value with Hardscaping Design

hardscaping-home-valueAs the American real estate market begins to get back on its feet, many homeowners are turning to new ideas to help boost home values, while upgrading the look and feel of their residential property. Studies show that there are many advantages in trying to increase home value with hardscaping, which is a type of landscaping that relies on natural stone, pavers and other “hard” materials, as opposed to plants, trees and shrubbery. When it comes to Cape Cod hardscape design, there are many options available from local supplier J&J Materials. Choose from locally-made Nantucket pavers or the ever-popular, environmentally-friendly Belgard permeable pavers for your home, as well as many other types of natural stone, pavers, bricks, blocks, flagstone and more.

Ideas to Increase Home Value with Hardscaping
The best home improvement projects will not just make your home look beautiful, but will also increase your home’s value as well. When it comes to Cape Cod hardscape design, curb appeal can make a huge difference between a quick sell and a long wait, so it can be very smart to make an investment in improving your home’s appeal. J&J Materials, which is located in nearby Bourne, Massachusetts, provides delivery of Belgard permeable pavers, Nantucket pavers, natural stone and other hardscaping masonry materials to residential and commercial clients throughout the local region. While many of these materials are perfectly suited for a DIY home improvement project, they are also high-quality enough to warrant hiring a professional installer to yield even better finished results.

Some of the most popular projects won’t just make your home look even more beautiful, but they add function and value as well. For example, a retaining wall does many things, from controlling soil erosion in wet weather, to protecting plans on a windy day. Walkways made from pavers or flagstone will add a beautiful contrasting touch to any garden or backyard, while reducing maintenance requirements and acting as a watershed on a rainy day. When you choose custom projects to enhance or add to your existing Cape Cod hardscape design, you will improve the aesthetic appeal and function that will keep your home looking its best.

What Are Belgard Permeable Pavers?
Of all the different types of pavers available to homeowners today, Belgard permeable pavers are by far the most widely used due to their flexibility in color and styles, as well as their environmental benefits. Choose from interlocking permeable pavers and uniquely designed systems that allow for better drainage and water control than traditional chiseled stone, to a full line of high-tech, heavy duty Belgard permeable pavers.

Some of the types of Belgard permeable pavers available at J&J Materials include:

  • SUBTERRA – An attractive, natural-look that features a false joint structure that makes it easy to install. Unsurpassed environmental benefits make this a great choice that encompasses the ideals of environmental stewardship, yet fully embraces style, beauty and creative opportunity.
  • DRAINSTONE – The designers at Belgard permeable pavers created this particular style with the intention of making the most environmentally-friendly option available. These interlocking pavers provide a unique design that allows for rainwater to filter or be drained back into the soil.
  • TURFSTONE – Taking it a step further, the designers at Belgard permeable pavers created the Turfstone option using high-tech design that allows rainwater to gradually filter back into the soil to prevent soil erosion.

Most Popular Projects to Increase Home Value with Hardscaping
Of all the projects that homeowners can use to help boost home values in a growing real estate market, hardscaping is seen as becoming more and more important. Never underestimate the importance of making a solid first-impression with prospective home buyers as they drive up and see your beautiful walkways, driveway and retaining walls.

Here are some of the most popular hardscaping projects used today:

  • Retaining Walls – There are many different types and styles of retaining walls for homeowners to choose from, including traditional natural stone or dry stacked pavers. An easy-to-use interlocking paver system is a great way to build a safe retaining wall that won’t take an expert to install or a fortune to purchase. Little to no maintenance is required and they can be installed easily without a lot of digging or knowledge necessary.
  • Pool Decks and Patios – One of the best ways to enhance a beautiful pool or recreation area in your backyard is through the use of natural stone and manufactured pavers that suit your style and complement your Cape Cod home. Choose from DIY options to materials that would best benefit from a professional installation, depending on your needs, knowledge and budget.
  • Driveways and Walkways – There’s nothing more inviting than a beautifully crafted and installed driveway or walkway. Choose from gorgeous, natural flagstone or safer, easy to install manufactured Nantucket pavers to create a unique and memorable hardscaping feature. Walkways can be easy to install on your own, while many driveway projects will require a professional installer to get them just right.

Other projects include outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and even indoor stone work, such as indoor fireplaces, kitchen counter tops, sunrooms and more. Choose from a wide variety of materials, variations on Cape Cod hardscape design and find the best project that will help you increase home value with hardscaping. Investments like these will pay off if you choose quality materials and provide proper installation.

What Are Nantucket Pavers?
This locally-made product is a very high-quality manufactured stone, which is used all across the country for architectural landscaping. Using Nantucket pavers can help homeowners in Southeastern Massachusetts to increase home value with hardscaping. Unique to Cape Cod hardscape design ideas can be chosen, as well as more modern and high-tech patterns and designs, according to your specifications.

Some of the types of Nantucket pavers available at J&J Materials include:

  • RIVENSTONE – Giving the appearance of natural bluestone, Rivenstone is a molded concrete product that is easy to install. Nantucket pavers created this product with clean, sharp edges for a simple, yet beautiful DIY project. Choose from a wide selection of natural tones and hues created from custom-made color blends.
  • COBBLESTONE – If you love the look of cobblestone, but want something that is easier to walk on and more stable for placing patio furniture, look no further than the Nantucket pavers Cobblestone patio blocks. You can increase home value using this beautiful traditional Cape Cod hardscape design and style.
  • HEXAGON PATIO BLOCKS – For even more exciting options in hardscaping design, take a look at the Nantucket pavers Hexagon patio blocks available at J&J Materials. Three different sizes are available to help you create a beautiful walkway or patio. Available in traditional blue stone color.

Where to Find Hardscape Design Materials in Cape Cod
If you live in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, you can trust J&J Materials to deliver the best quality natural stone, pavers, flagstone, masonry and landscaping materials the region has to offer. Choose from the popular eco-friendly solutions available through Belgard permeable pavers, the locally-made Nantucket pavers or a wide variety of other beautiful and functionable materials. To find out more about the products available at J&J Materials, visit our nearby location in Bourne or give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff and customer service agents are here to help.

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