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Expand Your Living Area With an Outdoor Sports Cave in Attleboro

J&J Materials > Outdoor Living > Expand Your Living Area With an Outdoor Sports Cave in Attleboro

outdoor-sports-caveYou might have seen one of those do-it-yourself programs on television that shows homeowners how to build their very own “man cave”. This has become a very popular home improvement project in the northeast, taking the place of the rec room or family room in many homes. A man cave is a room that is specifically designed for watching sports and hanging out with friends, usually has a sports, hunting or other “guy” decorative motif and generally features a large screen flat panel television, a bar, a fridge and other modern conveniences.

However, the latest thing to hit the home improvement market is the outdoor sports cave. No longer just for “men,” this outdoor entertainment space is large enough for the whole family to enjoy and is a great place to invite guests year-round. So if you are looking to expand your living area in Attleboro, an outdoor living space might be just what you need. This article will feature tips on how to create a hardscaping outdoor living room project that even boasts a natural stone outdoor fireplace kit and other essential hardscaping features.

Do More Outdoors in an Outdoor Sports Cave
Being outdoors means different things to different people. Being able to spend more time outdoors and do more things outdoors at home can really help to open up your home and give you more space than you realized you had. When some people think about the outdoors they think about hunting, camping or hiking. Others thing about playing out in the backyard on the grass, hanging out with family and friends or hosting a barbecue picnic. When you create a hardscaping outdoor living room project, you can make your new outdoor living space be anything you want it to be.

Some people prefer outdoor kitchens, while others prefer outdoor living rooms, but the best part about an outdoor sports cave, is that you can bring all of those things together in one well-rounded space. The man cave is now outdoors, bringing a whole host of outdoor activities into reach, giving you more room for family and friends, with even more opportunities to have fun and do things at home. Take a look at just some of the things that you can include in your brand new Attleboro outdoor living space.

Elements of a Classic Outdoor Sports Cave
When it comes to creating your own outdoor sports cave, you need to stop and think about what you will be doing in your brand new space. Do you like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, motorsports or everything above? What type of decor would you like to use in this space? Do you want to keep it team or sports neutral or do you want to create a space that reflects you and your favorite team? Your theme will be personal, but the basic elements of your new hardscaping outdoor living room project should at least include the following features:

  • Kitchen Area – Choose from a traditional wet bar with a sink, ice maker and beverage cooler or an outdoor cooking area that features an amazing built-in barbecue grill, smoker, brick pizza oven and plenty of cooking space. You can even customize your built-in kitchen, matching the natural stone materials with the rest of your new living area.
  • Fireplace – A fireplace adds a cozy, homey touch to any outdoor sports cave, helping it to be a year-round space even when the temperature drops and it starts to get chilly outside. A natural stone outdoor fireplace kit makes it easy for anyone to add a beautiful stone fireplace to their new Attleboro outdoor living space.
  • Seating Area – You can bring in furniture that matches or enhances the overall theme of your living area, but you can also build in a seating area with natural stone that can be made more comfortable with custom cushions and pillows.
  • Ambiance – While your new natural stone outdoor fireplace kit will add a bit of ambiance to your new living room area, another feature that is common with the outdoor sports cave is a fire pit. Again, natural stone can be used for this part of your hardscaping outdoor living room project, coordinated with the rest of the space. Ceiling fans can help create breeze during the still summer months and solar or electric lighting can be used to help set the mood.
  • Electronics – If you are going to use this new space for watching games and entertaining friends, you will need to add some electronic elements. A large flat panel TV, along with satellite or cable connection, so you can get all of the games; a surround sound system, so you’ll feel like you’re actually at the game; as well as a Blu-Ray player, Smart web-based system or anything else that you’ll need to connect to the sports world from your new outdoor sports cave.

Where to Get Materials for Your Attleboro Outdoor Living Space
If you are looking to get all of the materials you need for your brand new hardscaping outdoor living room project, look no further than J&J Materials. With two locations in Southeastern Massachusetts and a delivery range that extends from Rhode Island on out to the Cape, J&J Materials can get you the top quality products you need at a price that won’t break your budget. Choose from our popular natural stone outdoor fireplace kit, quality pavers, natural stone materials and everything else you will need to build the ultimate outdoor sports cave. Come see what we have available or give us a call for more information about any of the products we sell. Call J&J Materials for all of your natural stone, landscaping and masonry supplies in the SouthCoast region.

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