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Designing an Outdoor Kitchen for South Coast Outdoor Living

J&J Materials > Kitchens > Designing an Outdoor Kitchen for South Coast Outdoor Living

It doesn’t really feel like summer until you have that first cookout. With a brand new outdoor kitchen and patio dining area, summer can arrive on your terms! As soon as the snow melts away you can be outdoors enjoying your very own backyard getaway, relaxing around the fire and sharing flame-cooked meals with family and friends. Of course you need to think about budget, space and the logistics of incorporating all of the outdoor kitchen cabinets and other elements that you want into your design, but there are other things that must be considered as well before you start building.

What Makes the South Coast Region Different?
When it comes to sitting down to design an outdoor kitchen, Westport homeowners and property owners throughout the South Coast region of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, need to think about which outdoor kitchen ideas are best suited to the area. Open-air cooking can be a great experience and an awesome way to push away those cabin fever blues of winter, but it is important to put some thought into the elements you will choose when you design an outdoor kitchen for New England.

Take into consideration the weather year-round, not just the beautiful springs, summers and falls, but the harsh winters as well. Factor in the amount of wind that you receive where you live, as there are many cities within New England that make the Top 100 Most Windy Cities list high above Chicago’s average record. If you are near the coastline, think about how that could affect your outdoor kitchen and what you might do to overcome any obstacles that might come your way. All of these things should be considered before you plan to design an outdoor kitchen and patio dining area.

J&J Materials Can Help…
If you aren’t sure what to do to overcome a windy, breezy area or a spot that gets a lot of salty air throughout the year and how it might affect your new outdoor kitchen cabinets and appliances, speak with one of our helpful and knowledgeable customer service and sales agents at J&J Materials. We work, live and deliver right here in the South Coast region, so we specialize in providing our customers with the materials and supplies they need to make all of their outdoor kitchen ideas and dreams come true. Give us a call today at 508-564-4812 or stop by one of our Southeastern Massachusetts locations to take a look at our quality products and materials.

What Type of Outdoor Kitchen Would You Like?
The best way to determine how to design an outdoor kitchen is to think about the type of kitchen you would want and what you want to do with it. Are you a gourmet cook? A master griller? An expert smoker or rotisserie guru? You can incorporate all of these cooking skills and tools into your outdoor kitchen ideas and design an outdoor kitchen that will incorporate all of the things you like to do when cooking outdoors for family and friends.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets aren’t just a great place to store items that you will use when cooking outdoors to keep them handy. Built-in kitchen cabinets, cupboards and countertops make it easy for Westport homeowners and other South Coast residents to prepare, cook and serve all of their favorite foods with ease, whether it is an average weeknight after work or a big event for a special celebration. Making sure you have the space to move around and work your culinary magic and a place to serve it in a custom patio dining area will help you make decisions when you design an outdoor kitchen.

What Appliances and Tools Should Be Included?
Outside of the specialty tools like rotisseries and smokers, there are a few other appliances and things that you should consider incorporating into your outdoor kitchen ideas. Outdoor kitchen cabinets and cupboards are designed to make room for more than just your cook top or grill top, many homeowners fill that space with essential items designed to make cooking outdoors more efficient and enjoyable. Here are some of the essential items that you should consider including when you design an outdoor kitchen:

  • KITCHEN SINK – Whether it’s a small sink or a large, full size sink, adding a sink to the countertop area of your built-in outdoor kitchen cabinets and cupboards will make outdoor cooking so much easier. You can use it to prep your meats and veggies for cooking, rinse off utensils, wash dishes and take care of just about anything that needs to be done without having to go back and forth from outdoors to indoors.
  • REFRIGERATOR – Manufacturers now understand the demand from homeowners for a waterproof, sealed outdoor refrigerator that fits snuggly under the built-in kitchen countertop area for easy use. Keep drinks, meats, dairy and other items safely stored inside your outdoor refrigerator to enhance your outdoor living experience.
  • FREEZER/ICE MAKER – Another handy tool that many homeowners are now adding is a freezer or – better yet – an ice maker. This is a great appliance to have, especially if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining. Appliances designed for use outdoors are waterproof and made to stand up to inclement weather. They can all be built right in to your outdoor kitchen cabinets and cupboards for great-looking results.
  • STORAGE SPACE – While we did mention storing items, having a storage space included in your built-in outdoor kitchen cabinets that has room for plates, tablecloths, utensils, cooking tools, pots, pans, serving dishes and other essential items should be at the top of your list. Again, who wants to spend a nice summer’s day going back and forth, in and out of the house to get these things?

Some other appliances and tools that are becoming popular outdoor kitchen ideas include dishwashers, under-the-counter trash and recycling containers, flat panel screen televisions, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, bar-height counter eating areas and of course a beautiful patio dining area for everyday and entertaining use. The only limits to your outdoor kitchen ideas when you design an outdoor kitchen is your imagination, space and budget. Sitting down to plot this all out or working with one of our experienced representatives at J&J Materials to maximize your space and your budget can really help you to get everything you want at a price that you can afford.

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