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Cooking Outdoors in Brockton: Smart Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

J&J Materials > Kitchens > Cooking Outdoors in Brockton: Smart Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

outdoor-kitchen-ideasWhen designing your own outdoor living space, it is important to consider the area that you live in, as well as any special issues that should be addressed. For example, if your goal is to design an outdoor kitchen so you can spend time cooking outdoors in Brockton, Massachusetts, you will need to consider the wind. Why the wind? Well, despite the fact that Chicago, Illinois is known worldwide as “The Windy City,” Brockton is actually the windiest city in the United States with an average wind speed of 14.3 miles per hour. That being said, making sure that you address this issue when you explore outdoor kitchen ideas, should be an important part of your planning.

This article will address all sorts of issues that can plague homeowners when creating a brand new outdoor living space. It is recommended that you consider these potential problems before you start shopping for materials to design an outdoor kitchen or other outdoor space, as your unique situation might influence the type of materials that will work best. This is especially true if you have purchased a new home or if you haven’t really used much of your backyard in recent years and are unfamiliar with the unique needs and dynamics of your property. Take a look at the issues presented here to see if any might apply to the outdoor kitchen ideas that you are considering.

#1 – Weather
As we mentioned, the wind speed for cooking outdoors in Brockton could be a deal breaker. When you design an outdoor kitchen for Southeastern Massachusetts, making sure that you provide a natural stone barrier, fencing or even shrubbery that can create an effective block from the wind can be a huge benefit. You wouldn’t want the wind to whip through and blow out your grill, reduce cooking temperatures or affect your ability to cook outdoors. All seasons should be considered, including how you will continue to use or protect your outdoor living space when it is covered with snow in the winter.

#2 – Flooring
Another thing that must be considered is the type of flooring that will be used for your outdoor living space. For homeowners in the northeast, it is important to choose quality materials that will be able to stand up to the freeze, thaw and heave changes that occur between winter and spring. Permeable pavers, concrete pavers and patio blocks can all be used with a variety of fillers and sealants to create a strong and sturdy foundation for your outdoor kitchen ideas that will last for many years to come.

#3 – Color Choices
While dark granite countertops may look beautiful indoors, when used outdoors they could essentially become another hot cooktop in the summer sun. When you design an outdoor kitchen, it is important to consider whether or not the area will have an overhead structure to provide shade or if it will be directly exposed to the sun. Same thing goes with other elements in your outdoor living space design. Choose wisely to maximize the use of your new area year-round.

#4 – Going Cheap
When your goal is cooking outdoors in Brockton or wherever you live in Southeastern Massachusetts, you need to invest your money in that primary goal. Don’t blow your budget on seating and tables, leaving nothing for your grill. Check out built in outdoor kitchen ideas, grills, refrigerators, smokers or anything else that you hope to have in your ideal living space. J&J Materials carries options for outdoor kitchen kits that are quick and easy to assemble, saving you on installation costs. They are designed to work with all brands of outdoor appliances, making it simple to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

#5 – Everything BUT the Kitchen Sink
Whatever you do, don’t forget to include a kitchen sink when you design an outdoor kitchen. If you are going to go all the way with built-in appliances, counter tops and outdoor eating areas, then you are going to want and use an outdoor kitchen sink. Make sure to choose a sink that is the right size for you needs as well, don’t just go for cheap and small, make sure to install the size of sink that will get the job done.

#6 – Professional Installation
While there are many elements of your outdoor living space that can be a DIY project to help save money on your overall investment, some parts of the installation should be done by a professional. Electricity, gas and water are things that just don’t mix, especially if they aren’t done right. Unless you are a professional electrician or plumber – don’t try this at home. Make sure it is done properly, inspected and built according to local laws, regulations or requirements for best results.

#7 – Room for Upgrades
If you are unable to incorporate all of your outdoor kitchen ideas for cooking outdoors in Brockton into your initial budget, make sure to save room when you design an outdoor kitchen to add those elements at a later date. Some designers will even help you create a plan that is done in phases, allowing for an initial build that includes the basic essentials for you to enjoy your space, while helping you to plan for future builds to complete your outdoor living space once and for all.

#8 – Lighting
Choose lighting that will help you to properly see when you design an outdoor kitchen. Lighting over countertops for prep work and lighting over the grill area for proper cooking and checking of food are an absolute must. Lighting for dining areas and lounge areas should also be considered, but doesn’t have to be as bright. Consider using dimmers on lights for brighter light when you need it and less light when you don’t. Mood lighting, dramatic lighting and romantic lighting can also be added to your outdoor living space, to be switched out and used depending on the situation.

Where to Get Materials for Your Outdoor Living Space
Visit J&J Materials for all of your outdoor kitchen ideas in Southeastern Massachusetts. With two locations in Seekonk and Bourne, J&J Materials offers deliver service to customers throughout the South Coast region, including Providence and Pawtucket areas. Come into your closest J&J Materials to take a look at all of the products available to help you design an outdoor kitchen and outdoor living space that you will be able to use and enjoy for many years to come.

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