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Building Residential Driveways: Drainage Problems & Solutions

J&J Materials > Driveways > Building Residential Driveways: Drainage Problems & Solutions

residential-driveway-drainageWhen it comes to building driveways in Massachusetts, taking care of driveway drainage problems through a combination of smart construction and residential drainage problems is something that must be considered before you lay a single paver. Homeowners in Foxboro or anywhere else in the South Coast region should take great care to consider every issue that could potential effect the longevity and durability of their new driveway. These potential issues could include rooftops, gutter drainage, hillsides, septic systems, your property’s relation to your neighbor’s yard and any other even slight grades or issues that could cause water to come flowing your way.

The Materials You Choose Are Key
There are a couple of different materials that you can choose when you build your driveway. The choices you make will determine whether you create new driveway drainage problems or if you establish new driveway drainage solutions when building driveways in Massachusetts. If you aren’t sure which materials are best for your particular situation, speak with a sales or customer service agent at your local hardscaping materials provider.

Concrete materials are not permeable, which can cause water to flow into your garage, basement or home, depending on your structural situation. Other materials, such as Nantucket or Belgard pavers, come in permeable and impermeable variations, can be chosen strategically to allow water to flow into the ground, filter through the gravel layer underneath and make its way to the local groundwater.

Common Driveway Drainage Problems
If you have never built a driveway before or considered drainage issues in this way, it can be helpful to identify some of the most common driveway drainage problems and figure out what causes them. Once you understand how it works, it can be easier to establish functional driveway drainage solutions or to decide whether or not to install residential drainage systems before building driveways in Massachusetts.

  • LOW SPOTS – Do you have any low spots in your yard? They can easily turn into what is known as a water reservoir, which can lead to other types of drainage problems. Once the reservoir becomes completely saturated with water, a muddy puddle will begin to form. This isn’t just bad for the physical appearance of your lawn, but it can also attract mosquitoes and other insects, making it a health hazard for both you and your neighbors. If this low spot is near your driveway it can lead to physical damage to your property and can continue to increase and grow over time.
  • GRADING ISSUES – Another common culprit for driveway drainage problems is grading issues. Often these problems are created by the builder at the time that the home is first built, but other issues can come throughout the lifetime of the home as well-meaning homeowners make changes to the structure, landscaping and hardscaping. If there is going to be any grading it should point away from your home and toward the street where the water can make its way to the sewage system. However, some homes have a driveway that slopes downward from the street and to the home. In those cases, you might not be able to find driveway drainage solutions that can be created through better construction, you might be stuck looking into residential drainage systems.

Best Driveway Drainage Solutions
When you experience driveway drainage problems you need to find the right driveway drainage solutions to fully address the issue so it doesn’t become a problem again. While it might seem that simply grading or digging trenches might fix the issue, often these course are temporary and can, in some cases, make the issue worse. Within twelve months, these “solutions” often require another look and new driveway drainage solutions to be applied again at a greater cost.

The best solution for driveway drainage problems is to address the specific drainage problem that you have, such as increased capacity for storm run-off, permeable pavers instead of impermeable or concrete materials, French drain installations and other residential drainage systems. Speak with one of the customer service representatives at J&J Materials about the different types of residential drainage systems available for your area when building driveways in Massachusetts.

Solutions might be different for homeowners in Foxboro versus homeowners in another part of the region due to the city sewage system, grading of the area, groundwater situation, proximity to creeks, ponds or lakes, etc. If you are unfamiliar with finding solutions for driveway drainage problems, your best bet is to consult with a professional before installing your new driveway.

Where to Get Materials for Building Driveways in Massachusetts
When you are ready to begin building, visit J&J Materials for all of the pavers, blocks, stones and other materials that you will need to create your hardscaping project. With a wide array of natural stone materials, top of the line manufactured pavers from Nantucket pavers, Belgard and Pavestone, as well as other reputable suppliers, J&J Materials truly has the best solutions for your new driveway and residential drainage problems for just about anywhere on your property. Overcoming problems before they become serious issues is part of designing and creating a beautiful new outdoor living space that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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