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Belgard Permeable Pavers: Drainage Solutions for New England

J&J Materials > Driveways > Belgard Permeable Pavers: Drainage Solutions for New England

belgard-permeable-paversOne of the problems affecting the environment in the New England region is with too much rain water running off of the land. Residential and commercial construction has seen many of our natural resources, such as forests and open land, being replaced with homes, businesses, buildings and pavement. What that means is less space for rain water to soak into the ground. Rain water is often referred to as “runoff” in this type of situation, as it runs off of roofs, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and other structures and makes its way out into the street. Once the runoff gets into the street, it picks up all sorts of pollutants from the road, including oil, dirt, pesticides, fertilizer and bacteria.

Runoff water then makes its way through ditches and storm drains before arriving at our local streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, bays and the ocean. It does not get treated at any point through its journey, meaning that all of those pollutants go directly into the clean water that we use, impacting our environment, health of the people who live here, the local economy and ultimately, our quality of life. If you love New England and want to help preserve our local natural resources and the beautiful scenery of the region, you will want to do everything you can to reduce the amount of rain water that runs off the land at your home or business.

How Homeowners and Property Owners Can Help
One way to reduce the amount of rain water that becomes polluted runoff water is to use Belgard permeable pavers. From residential homeowners in Middleboro to big business parking lots in Fall River, installing driveway pavers that are permeable, compared to other more traditional materials that are impermeable, can help rain water soak into the ground instead of running out into the street and into our local water supply.

The more you can do as a home or business owner to reduce the amount of rain water runoff that flows from your property, the more we are able to reduce the amount of bacteria that enters our beaches and shellfish beds. We also reduce the amount of nutrients that enter our local rivers, lake and streams, which feed algae and can cause weed infestations in the surrounding area.

Here are some of the benefits associated with using permeable pavers for driveways:

  • keep rain water on-site to reduce the amount of runoff going to local waterways
  • keeps local beaches, ponds, rivers, lakes and streams clean and open for recreational activities and fishing
  • flooding is reduced on the local streets by reducing the amount of water that goes into the local stormwater system
  • more water gets into the ground, which helps rivers and streams without overburdening them
  • groundwater used for drinking and residential use is replenished
  • retained water is used for trees, gardens and lawns to beautify the area
  • reduced cost for purchased water to keep landscaping looking healthy
  • reduced cost for managing water in the city drainage system

Why Permeable Pavers for Driveways Are the Best Choice
For many years, concrete was the primary choice of homeowners and business owners for long-lasting durability. It was used for driveways, patios, roads, parking lots and building foundations. Unfortunately, producing concrete requires a lot of energy and whatever ground is covered with it prevents rain from soaking down into the soil. As the rain hits the concrete area, it flows off, running into local streets, sewers and waterways, resulting in flooding throughout the area.

Porous materials, such as Belgard permeable pavers, don’t just look great, but they allow the water to soak into the ground, working as both a hard surface for driveways, patios, walkways and parking lots, but also as viable yard drainage solutions to prevent flooding. Installing driveway pavers that are permeable can help to reduce the amount of rainwater that enters the local streets, sewers and waterways from your property by reducing runoff and allowing the water to soak naturally into the ground.

Groundwater is used as a drinking water source by many people across the country. It is also used to provide nourishment to trees and plants that have deep roots, such as aged trees and forests. Groundwater is replenished by melting snow and rain, however it has decreased greatly over the years as homeowners and property owners continue to create developments using impermeable materials to build roadways, runways, parking lots, patios, sidewalks, driveways, tennis courts, walkways and other hard surfaces that don’t allow the water to flow down into the ground.

Other Things to Consider…
Another problem that is caused by too much paving and too much construction in cities and towns is something known as the “heat island effect.” What happens is that asphalt, concrete and roofing materials absorb the sunlight and convert it to heat. One way around this is to use permeable pavers for driveways, walkways, patios and parking areas to prevent this buildup of heat. Installing driveway pavers, such as the Belgard permeable pavers, has even been shown to reduce the accumulation of heat around buildings, lowering energy consumption and utility bills in summer for keeping the interior cool.

To combat all of these issues, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has started implementing regulations that require municipalities to limit the amount of impermeable areas on properties within their jurisdiction. Reasons cited include preventing flooding, improving groundwater supplies, reducing pollution in local waterways and cutting back on the city’s overall heat island effect. When installed properly, using layers of gravel underneath to provide a filtration function into the soil and groundwater below, permeable pavers and other permeable materials can help to achieve all of these goals.

Where to Get Belgard Permeable Pavers in Middleboro
Attention Middleboro homeowners and property owners: you can get Belgard permeable pavers, as well as permeable Nantucket pavers and Pavestone pavers, along with a variety of natural stone materials that can also be used and installed in this way at J&J Materials right here in Southeastern Massachusetts. J&J Materials provides sales and delivery to Middleboro homeowners, as well as property owners and homeowners throughout the South Coast region, including Rhode Island. Visit one of our two locations in the Seekonk/Rehoboth area and the Bourne/Cape Cod area to see our full line of permeable pavers for driveways, patios, walkways, parking lots and more. Ask about helpful tips for installing driveway pavers and other earth-friendly yard drainage solutions.

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